FOF #1022 – All My Divas

Jul 14, 2009 · 1985 views

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Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, campy musician Melissa Young talks about her new show, a tribute to gay history through the lens of entertainers we love.


  1. Thanks hatm! You so get me! I had such a blast on the show!!! I wanted to finish answering the one question. Divas and Divos in order of my fav or who are my icons from the show are 1. Madonna, 2. Judy Garland, 3. Tina Turner, 4. Bette Midler, 5.Queen, 6. George Michael, 7. Cher, 8. Liza, 9. Peter Allen, 10. Diana Ross, 11. Melissa Etheridge, 12. Elton John, 13. Brittney Spears, 14. Babs. I also sooooo forgot to mention that the show is directed by Chicago Cabaret Super Star Daryl Nitz and Musical Directed by Jazz Man Mark Burnell. AND HEY! Big shout out to the lovely Deven Green!

  2. Katers says:

    Continuing on the whole Bruno movie, I thought that (from a Gender Studies perspective) this movie actually was pretty awesome, in reference to masculinity. It critiques the way we view masculinity and showed how homoerotic a lot of our traditional “straight guy” activities are, like hunting and wrestling. I live in South Carolina and went to view the movie on opening night and it was very telling to see all of the people (normally straight couples) leave after the “uncomfortable” scenes.

    Having seen Borat as well, I think this movie had way better of a message as well; not all gay men are like this and it is SUPPOSED to be viewed as an extremist view. Also, at the end, he learns to accept himself and not repress his homosexuality. It’s a really great critique of the stereotype as well. I found the movie fascinating 馃槢

  3. Katers says:

    @Mellissa Young, btw, Yay Geminis ;P hehehe I’m one too 馃檪

  4. Michael Montoya says:

    Anesthesia is very safe now. By measuring the oxeygen saturation level durring the procedure they can monitor exactly the amount of anesthesia. I did a lot of work for the company that invented pulse oximetry, which measures the oxygen saturation in your blood, and when it was introduced anetheiolgists malpractice insurance went down 90% because it gave them insight on the correct level of anesthesia.

  5. Mikey Dee says:

    THERE IS NO WORD FOR LONELINESS in klingon. I wish I could express the way I feel in a language I do not speak. ;/

  6. Matty says:

    I love her! What a great energy she has. It reminds me of being in my theater class back at college! Great show guys! 馃榾

  7. what a great interview , with Melisa Yong a girl after my own hart i love judy

  8. Sid says:

    i LOVE this girl. melissa is quick witted and hilarious. keep it up!

  9. Hey guys I really enjoyed this show. Young’s versions of songs were so great and so was she!!!! And, btw, I think that the trucker game sounds lame; who’s teaching their kids to become truckers??

  10. Curtis says:

    Bruno is directed by Larry CHARLES, not Larry David. He happens to have been a producer/director/writer on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it is not the actor/writer comedian who is the lead in Curb Your Enthusiasm and was the creator of Seinfeld. He was also involved in Mad About You, and Directed the recent Documentary “Religulous” with Bill Maher.

    • OMG Curtis! How confusing is this!

      Larry Charles: Writer for Seinfeld, Directed Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Borat, Bruno and Religious. Jewish stand up comedian with a big beard, loves pranks, dark sense of humor.

      Larry David: Also a writer for Seinfeld (co-creator with Jerry Seinfeld), was directed by Larry Charles on Curb Your Enthusiasm and is also a jewish stand up comedian without a beard, loves pranks and has a dark sense of humor.

  11. I just listened to this show, and Melissa is just as crazy as when we did a show together back in 2003! We did “Once Upon A Mattress” in little ole Toledo Ohio! Thanks for getting her on the show. I felt like you guys were in 5th gear the entire show HA! Michael

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