FOFA #526 – Heads or Tales: Jo-Jo Finds a Skull

Jul 20, 2009 · 1985 views

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Our beloved Jo-Jo Baby, who works as a doll maker, club kid, artist, stylist and drag queen went onto eBay to look for mannequins. He found a guy who lives in his neighborhood who was […]


  1. J-Public says:

    I think any normal person having walked into a stranger’s home and seeing a skull boiling in a pot would have walked out immediately and notified the authroities because they don’t know the circumstances behind the boiling skull. Jo-Jo is obviously not right in that department because he followed the guy into the basement. HELLO!!! You lose control when you enter someone’s home let alone their basement because you don’t know the layout or where the exits are.

    Jo-Jo may be a nice guy but he is not right in the head.

    As far as Brian Sloan goes, if he wants to avoid all the attention, he should use HIS OWN HEAD and lock his doors knowing that if some stranger came in his home not knowing the situation would panic and call the police. At the very least he should have documents handy proving his legitimate use of those skulls.

    As far as why as one would boil a skull, there are a few reasons: cleaning, bleaching and boiling bones makes them malleable and since he’s a sculpture that would aid in his work.

    Bottom line both of those guys are wacked in the head. Let the dead rest and Jo-Jo needs to think logically instead of with his ‘Taste of Chicago’ because if Brian had been a killer… he now knows where he lives since Jo-Jo let him take him home…

  2. Alfonzo says:

    This has to be the strangest interview, yet. I think the human skulls boiling in the pots may have been the most normal part of this show.

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