FOF #1044 – Teri Yaki’s Tangy Taste

Aug 25, 2009 · 1985 views

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Chicago drag queen Teri Yaki returns to follow up on the Lady Vera Parker story, the unhappy birthday party and shares her own experience of being behind bars.


  1. Michael says:

    Hey Guys – I was actually talking with a few of the HIV pros at the Center on Halsted last week during the forum and from what I understand is that the test is looking for “newly infected” participants that would not have started anti-retroviral medications yet….not people who have already started therapy.

    There IS something going on there with Stroger though, because WHY all of a sudden does he have an interest in the LGBT community – the HIV/AIDS community more so.

  2. BASboy says:

    Teriyaki was hilarious. She is one of my favorite of your guests, up there with you two just doing a show with yourselves and no guests.
    Hmmm, a friendship that ended badly. Well one of my best friends from High School called me up years later. His wife had left him and his two children. He was calling me to see if I wanted to help him chat up some girls from High School and see if he could get one interested enough in him to come back with him to marry and take care of his kids. I said I didn’t really keep up with any of the girls since I was gay. His response was ‘Oh, Your one of those!”. I was so nervous telling him my deep dark secret that his comment went over my head. After the call I kept thinking of all these great things I could have said. Instead I shoved it into the back of my mind and ignored it as much as possible.

  3. CT says:

    Great show! Love Teri Yaki! Super funny!

  4. Monique Marquette says:

    Contrary to popular belief, I have never had a problem with Teri Yaki… fact I have always gotten along with her and it could be because she is almost as outspoken as me! I love that she spoke up about her opinions about Vera and I’m sorry that it caused her to lose her job. I’m also pleased as punch to see that she informed people about her good friend, the said bar manager *cough*roberthoffman*cough*. A little power adds to people’s “Vanity” so to speak! But thats okay…..lets go back to when he was manager of Beatnix, X/O, Hydrate, etc. What happened? He got fired! Treating people like dirt doesn’t keep you in the bar business.

    What I don’t like is that everyone is now changing their tune about LVP. When she was in prison it was “she got what she deserved.” Now its “oh girl, its a fresh start” etc. etc. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Don’t change your opinion because the tides have turned. I always stick to what I say. I wish more people would!

  5. Clark says:

    I’ve got a great best-friend-turned-bad story!

    My best friend of junior and senior year was the first person I came out to, shortly after I moved away. I started dating my first boyfriend and told him about him, since I had no other person to tell. He was insistent on meeting him, so we hung out one day a couple weeks after we’d started dating. A couple weeks later, I received a text message from my boyfriend intended for my best friend talking about the great times they’d been having. Turns out they’d made out the first day they met and had been sleeping together since. After confronting him about it, he proceeded to make all of our friends choose which one of us they wanted to side with, as well as speeding up my coming out process.

    Best part: 5 days later, I left to start moving, but not before a 2-week trip with my “best friend” and one of his other friends. Awesome.

  6. OK, so a story about a friendship going bad? I had been friends with the people behind SWAY events, a big gay event promoter/producer here in Phoenix. I’ve done lots of projects with them and they are awesome to hang with too. Unfortunately, that all ended in March. I was doing video production for them for an upcoming event that they needed some montages and a video open on DVD. Unfortunately, they put me terribly behind schedule because they failed to deliver all the content on-time. Mind you, I was doing this pro-bono because they are friends and my former production business is now dead. Anyways, to shrink the long story: the DVD was not ready until shortly before the event. They never tested their dvd player and projection equipment at the club where the event was taking place. They were well aware I was behind schedule, knowing that several days before the event was to take place. I delivered the DVD, tested and beautifully produced, shortly before the event was to start. They had a guy fiddling with their projector when I got there. They put the dvd into the player, and kept fiddling with the projector and various cables and settings…….but no matter what they did, the video projector simply said ‘No Signal’. I was completely blamed for this failure and publicly berated by one of the SWAY members during their VIP after-party. They failed to recognize that they never tested the connections to the projector with ‘any old dvd’ before the event. Since they are not technical people, they threw the blame on me since ‘no signal’ must mean that the DVD didn’t work or was bad. In fact, I looked at the player and it was actually playing the DVD, but between them and the club’s idiot DJs, they couldn’t get it to work.

    I’ve gone out of my way to reach out to them to ensure they understood the situation correctly, to be fair to me. But alas, they didn’t. The event itself was a smash success, and the audience really didn’t know the difference as the video was not a key component. These were people that I cared about and loved having as friends, but now, I’m just done. I publicly went on my own podcast trying to reach out to them and trying various forms of diplomacy through mutual friends and stuff. All attempts failed. Sad, so sad! Oh well.

    And………the Heart Attack Grill? totally LOL!! That used to be in Phoenix, not too far from where I live. It was an old Jack in the Box at 44th and Thomas. I didn’t know it actually moved to Chandler……which is actually not too far from where I work! I guess I would actually visit the place, except for the fear of having a heart attack! But yeah, they were all over the news and crap when they launched a few years back and all the info you guys reported is totally true. Pretty fuckin crazy!!! What else will we come up with here in the hot hot hot desert!

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