FOF #1053 – Acting Lessons

Sep 11, 2009 · 1985 views

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Chicago comedian, musician and actor Esteban Andres Cruz talks about winning the prestigious Jeff Award and gives Marc and Fausot some acting lessons. Janet Jackson reveals in an interview that her brother Michael wore his mothers jacket when he first danced the moonwalk.


  1. Alex says:

    i think im in love with Esteban…

  2. omg where’s the picture of the blood sculpture?! That sounded weird and I wanna see 馃槢

  3. Michael says:

    According to Google, 1 pound is equal to 453 grams and if he had 7 pounds then he had 3171 grams….O M G!!!!

  4. Wesley says:

    Feast of Fun is soooo…fun!!

  5. MaxT says:

    Esteban has the most sensual voice! Omg even the telling of the phonebook would be irresistible with him!

  6. I hear you on the Snow Leopard Fausto! I had to buy a new Epson printer because HP has dropped its support for drivers for my printer in OS 10.6 :-S
    The only upside is that I now have a fab new printer 馃檪

  7. Thank you sooo much everyone! I always have a blast w my Fausto n Marcie-pooh!!! I didn’t know this on the show, at the time but this Sunday is the last performance of my improv troupe at iO; LIONELLE. Please come by!

    iO Theatre
    Cabaret Theatre
    3541 N Clark

  8. Anna says:

    What’s the song you played at the end of the show? I was going to buy it through your site, but you don’t even give the artist credit!

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