FOF #1058 – The Mind of Madonna

Sep 18, 2009 · 1985 views

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Singer Melissa Young joins us to take a look at the Madonna the entertainer, the woman and the iconoclast. A touching and colorful promise to a dead solider and hot celebrity news.


  1. So the answer to the final trivia question “What cocktail did Madonna help to popularize in the mid 90s? The answer was the Cosmopolitan!

    One of Madonna's Favorite Cocktails

    Years before the HBO series “Sex and the City” popularized the cocktail everywhere, celebrities like Madonna were raving about the pink cocktail made with triple sec, lime juice, citron vodka and a splash of cranberry juice.

    Believe it or not, I was drinking these at a close friend of mine’s funeral, William Gaudiani who died in a terrible car accident in 1995. He was a die-hard Madonna fan and these cocktails were served by Gino at the wake after his memorial service.

    I wrote about the cocktail and its significance to me personally during my Graduate studies at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

    To Bill!

    • Rachel Koch says:

      Fausto, I don’t know if you will find this, but I am finding myself googling Bill, and being sad that there isn’t more of a record of his fabulousness.

      I loved your post, and I am reminded of a great Bill moment at the very beginning of our friendship in 1985, our freshman year at Washington University. Bill and I talked every morning and usually saw each other later on. When I asked one morning how he was, he said “I’m so bummed.” I said, “Why?” He said “I’m so bummed because I’m not Madonna!”


  2. Michael says:

    I love love love Koyaanisqatsi, I especially love getting in the car put the CD in and then blare it when I pull up next to someone at a red light…they’re eyes about bug out! The movie is amazing as well, Reggio (the director) did a few followups: Powaqqatsi in ’88 and Naqoyqatsi in ’02.

    My favorite Madonna song – Like a Virgin.

    I was in college when Vogue came out and wasn’t quite completely out of the closet and my best friend at the time was this super nelly guy who learned the entire dance routine from watching the video – it was too funny.

  3. Rick says:

    Madonna’s brother decided to express himself, all right.

    Her Madgesty’s estranged sibling came out swinging to E! News recently, slamming his sister’s appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday.

    “She looked like Rachel Zoe gone horribly wrong,” snapped Christopher Ciccone after Madonna stepped out in a tight black satin ensemble for her tribute to Michael Jackson last weekend.

    Granted, there’s no love lost between the sibs since Ciccone aired their dirty laundry in his 2008 memoir, “Life With My Sister.”

    Madonna then pursued legal options in an attempt to stop the tell-all’s publication, which besides dishing on her sex life also alleged that she treated her brother like a doormat.

    He pulled no punches in his E! interview, either, taking jabs at the Material Girl’s boy toy Jesus Luz.

    “It proves the point that you can judge a person by the company they keep — or don’t keep,” Ciccone says, sniping that “it’s painfully apparent that Jesus may be able to turn water into wine, but your basic blow dryer eludes him.”

  4. Funny you asked if Madonna will ever do a T-Pain -esque song ala Cher… There’s a leaked track floating around the internetz called Revolver, which is a collaboration with Lil’ Wayne, for the Celebration greatest hits album. They Autotune her voice so much in it you can’t even tell that it’s Madonna.

  5. Andy says:

    Great show with Melissa! Loved the polka song. But “mou sukoshi kudasai” (もう少しください) means “please a bit more” like “ocha (tea) mou sukoshi kudasai” – please a bit more tea.

    My favourite Madonna song is “Vogue”.

  6. I always love ur shows, but Melissa’s German polka version of “Human Nature” was extremely impressive!! love u, guys! (coming from a German Studies BA n Gender Studies MA student: it was comprising multiple levels of entertainment for me)

  7. Melissa is so “on it,” a really fabulous performer. Totally entertaining and very funny. Really happy she visited the show again.

  8. ben says:

    Great show guys! Madonna is always such a compelling topic. Guest was fab. My two cents… Like a Prayer was probably the most culture changing song and video.

  9. Ed says:

    Hey Melissa, I LOVE Fringe! I heard you briefly mention it; before Fausto interrupted!

  10. Curtis- I never listen to any Madoona songs- but Madonna’s Ray of Light is such a great song (and video) that it’s inspired me (and the koyaanisqatsi film) to design a new t-shirt!

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