FOF #1071 – Like a Blowtorch in a Tornado

Oct 8, 2009 · 1985 views

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Two of our latino friends, visual artist and gay dad Erik R Sosa and comedian, actor and performance artist Esteban Andres Cruz join us to take an intense and inebriated look at parenting, gay rights and how conservatives are targeting openly gay men appointed by the Obama administration.


  1. Kenna says:

    Great show.. except for Sosa..glad i found out he wants to “date” my kid..

  2. Jesus says:

    input your comment here…OMG—-I always make sure to bring up your podcast into conversations I have with gay guys to pass the word around—love listening to you guys daily! But this podcast with Esteban and Erik was a trainwreck!! Please never invite Mr. Sosa back— Fausto probably loves the eye candy, but it is not worth. Erik’s insecurities are overshadowed by his rudeness (and ignorance). I promise I am not hating on the dude–but a pee break during the taping of the show? are you serious? (has this ever happened on the show before?) Suburban people are more open-minded to progressive ideas than those that live in big cities? what? I wish I could have seen the facial expressions on Esteban’s face–you can tell he was holding back his quick-wit tongue. Still can’t live without listening to you guys everyday and want to say thanks for all the hard work you put into the show. Love ya!

  3. Kenna says:

    JESUS Jesus..calm the fuck down..this isnt Meet The Press..they were drinking and he needed to piss…and Im not trying to hate on you either, but your an idiot.. You can sit there and characterize Erik in an hour show? you will never ever meet anyone as talented, loving, passionate and intelligent as Erik…yea, sometimes he likes to play the fool, but its only play…Maybe you can go on the show and talk about your insecurities to a national audience one day… I will definitely listen.. and be kind in my response.

  4. Michael says:

    You guys are going to have to start having a bouncer in the home studio!

    Interesting show….to say the least : -)

  5. corey says:

    Sometimes I wonder if serving cocktails during a podcast is a good idea…

  6. Carlos says:

    Esteban was so funny trying to get Erik to just CHill and enjoy the conversation, I wish only Esteban was in the podcast as the guest …again ….ONLY ESTEBAN 😀 (evil but true)

  7. Wow todays show was, as stated earlier, a hot mess! It brings variety to the show 🙂 It was a little tense at moments but I did laugh out loud on the bus and got some stares. And there was some interesting conversation on the show. I enjoyed todays podcast even with all of the things that happened 🙂

  8. WOW!! What a show… I’ve never laugh and cringe at the same time so much listening to the show as with this one. Sosa is too good-looking to be so crazy and defensive.
    Calms downs mate, everything is not so serious.
    It was so fun to hear Esteban getting Sosa all worked up on every topic. Hilarious.

  9. Loved the show – you can have Erik AND Esteban back as often as you like and hour of hilarious mayhem!

  10. Marcin says:

    Oh come on, guys, the show was fine. Sure, personally I guess I enjoy the episodes with some of the more, ahem, balanced guests more, but FoF has always been the fusion cuisine of GLBT podcasting, and there is a place from time to time for more crazy tastes, like chili icecream or chocolate chicken. 😉

  11. patrick says:

    some commenters obviously are new to the podcast. this is actually one of the, uhm… tamer guestings of erik. he really should change his name to erik SOUSE-a… 😉 and if i’m not mistaken, erik also asked for a pee break during an earlier guesting… but i luuuurrvve him, so there! 😉

  12. Marcin says:

    Oh dear I just listened to the today’s show. Yikes!

  13. Wow, you guys! This is SOOO fun and funny reading all of your comments. It reminds me of that Prince song: CONTRAVERSY, which me and my friends used to always think they were saying “catch a pussy”. Anyway, to set the record straight…I had a blast doing the show with Erik. He is, as they say…very pretty. I didn’t mind him takin a wee wee break so much as him checking his phone during the taping. So I hid it in my crotch. I made him go get it after the show. I think he found my prostate. Hehehehe…

    The topics we discussed are very important and I think between Marc, Fausto, Erik and myself–we got a well balanced representation of the community’s informed, marginalized and ca-razed composite.

    Thanks for the love and I look forward to our next show.

    miles de besos,

  14. Did you guys delete every trace of this show from your flickr photostream?

  15. What a hot mess of a show! Love, love, love it! Sorry to hear about the unexpected “gift” on Fausto’s bed, though.

  16. Wow….Like a septic tank explosion it has to been seen to be believed!!

  17. Wow, a certain ‘fight or f*ck’ vibe there during the show, and going by the compatibility information given at the beginning of this show, plus information given in the next one, it doesn’t take much to imagine which of those instincts won out. Seems like this one could have been called ‘Haunted House’ just as well. Still, a very entertaining show, be it in a different way than usual.

  18. nurseguy says:

    It seems I remember Mr. Sosa from the last time he was on the show and he still comes across as willfully and woefully ignorant on many subjects he attempts to address. If itunes didn’t download each episode automatically, I’d just leave the episodes with his name attached sitting on the server to make someone else’s head explode….

  19. Andy says:

    What a crazy, funny show. I loved it! Forget about political correctness, it is a comedy podcast after all.

  20. Me says:

    I actually didn’t think it was that bad….I think Marc and Fausto handled things well all things considered. As usual, geat work guys!

  21. brian says:

    What a beautiful train-wreck. Thanks guys.

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