FOF #1083 – Hocus Poke Us

Oct 28, 2009 · 1985 views

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Shivian Balaris of talks about the roots of Halloween, the origins of jack-o-lanterns, why witches ride broomsticks and the reason cats are so closely associated with the occult. Shivian also casts a spell on the listening audience to bring them great fortune.


  1. gotta love ginger men!! and a witch? what a bonus! very informative show. reminds me and my middle/high school years, when my friends and i would play around with witchcraft… good ol’ days. LOVE u guys!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Great hilarious and informative show! You did us witches proud Shivian!

  3. Still waiting for Pavel to show up.

  4. Fausto! Silly host, I told you… we didn’t do the spell for Pavel, we did it to sell t-shirts! And I don’t think you pronouncing Azarak as Aflak helped either 😛 hehe the spirits might be grumpy with you now!

  5. Polo Drew says:

    Terrific show guys. I learned a lot. Shivian was such an interesting and cute guest. If I’d known I could hang out with a hot, articulate guy like Shivian, I would have looked into joining years ago 🙂 And if you hear about any witch orgies, do tell. Sounds like fun.

  6. Great Show Guys ! The best Halloween show since The Paul Lynde Halloween Special. Loved how Shivian called Fausto on his “one track mind”. Fausto can best be described as “in a trance” when it comes to Pavel or anything remotely sexual. When it comes to dealing with anything spiritual it’s important to have your mind focused with a positive outlook. Shivian seems to do this with confidence and ease.

    btw – I want a t-shirt ! XOXO

  7. BASboy says:

    My husband is a Pagan and an old Boy Friend of mine was a Wikin.
    It was funny to hear Fausto playing with this stuff, and knew if I played this for my husband he would be all pissy since he takes it all so seriously about people making fun of the pagans. But I know it was all in good fun and perhaps fueled a little by Fausto’s own magic brew in a glass.
    Good to hear Pagans are getting heard about in the gay side, especially from what I heard more often than not in the past Gays were Pagans. In fact, some tribes of American Indians Shaman’s had to be gay since it put them in touch with both the male and the female.

    • This is very true! Many cultures around the world (including Native Americans) believe in the natural benefits / inherent power of being “two spirit” or in touch with male / female energies. Sometimes this meant that men who were gay adopted tasks often associated with females (weaving / spinning for instance) … other times it meant that they were automatically considered more “in tune” with nature, and therein more susceptible to interact with spirits and the unseen world around us (and effect it to the benefit of individuals or their tribe).

  8. nurseguy says:

    Another great show, guys! Always appreciate people who have fun with their spirituality. Shivian, you sound like an amazing guy and a wonderful witch!

  9. Cliff Dix says:

    Very informative and interesting. I never knew/or thought about the witches’ brooms being a phallus. Now when I see someone in a witch costume with a broom, I’ll think dildo.

  10. Saulo says:

    Great show! Shivian was great in sharing his beliefs with us. This show has all the ingredients of a great interview. Especially great hosts and great guest. Kisses!
    PS: Love the new website!!

  11. Jen says:

    Fun show, all, playful and informative! Kudos to Shivian for his portrayal of Pagan people.

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