FOF #1085 – Chicago’s Halloween Secret

Oct 30, 2009 · 1985 views

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Curtis Jensen joins us to talk about the Halloween Parade in Chicago. In the news: Levi Johnston disses the Palins, a man claims to be too fat to kill, California eyes legalizing pot and a phone call from a listener.


  1. I think a good FoF drinking game is to take shots every time someone says something about Showgirls.

  2. Xavi says:

    Curtis is the only person i know who is remotely upset that the castro party is no more…very refreshing to hear there is diversity of opinion.

    Let me remind you why i support the cancellation: 9 people were shot in 2006, and five other were stabbed in the two previous years. The party ceased to be a neighborhood celebration years ago and turned into a drunken thugfest for the bay area.

    Coincidentally friends were visiting from DC and wanted to have dinner in the Castro. Walking around the Castro was a BLAST last night. ~75% of people, gay and straight, were in costume. Every bar had huge lines to get in, the weather was warm (for SF) and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. this is where i can agree with Curtis…its a tragedy we can’t have something like this every year. However I’ll take nothing over the drunken thugfest we had for so many years. Besides, unlike other cities, we have Folsom, Dore, Hairyson/Harrison, and Castro street fairs, plus Pride and Love Parade to frolic in the streets.

  3. Curtis says:

    The problem with San Francisco’s Halloween is not about the “thugfest”. Yes that happened. Yes it is terrible. Yes we had t do something. Cancelling it all together was a cop out in my mind.

    My interest lies in finding a workable solution to salvaging and preserving a Castro Halloween. Bevan Dufty was not interested in finding a solution that involved the Castro. He was unresponsive and dismissive of input, and was entirely focused on Halloween solutions that moved all celebration to the Embarcadero, or to the Baseball stadium. I firmly believe that there are workable safe happy solutions for a fun Queer Castro focused celebration, I just don’t believe there was a sincere effort made to find it. I consider that a lack of leadership.

    I’m glad to hear that people where out in the Castro. I haven’t talked with anyone about it and I hope that there wasn’t the heavy police presence of last year. All I want is for our community to have a fun night of happy Quuer energy on Halloween like I experienced in Chicago, and that happens without incident yearly in NY, Toronto, LA,

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