FOF #1092 – Bertha Mason Loves Pie

Nov 11, 2009 · 1985 views

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At 6′5, 250 pounds, drag queen Bertha Mason towers over her audience in a live comedy cooking show where they help to bake, and then later eat, the tasty treats made on stage. Everybody gets a slice of Bertha’s delicious pie. In the news: Genetically engineered rabbit parts, soon to be extinct cuddly Koala Bears, Bhopal, India’s new tourist attraction, and video bloggers are taken to task for not talking about marriage equality.


  1. Avatar dc_gay_man says:

    Here’s to the CAKE revolution. “Let them eat (wedding) cake.” Great marriage equality slogan. Thanks for a great show. Awesome guest.

  2. Avatar Chickengirl says:

    wish I could go to one of her shows! sounds like it would be a lot of fun to see. having food while watching a show of some kind is always enjoyable IMO.

    why you gotta keep hatin’ on the cupcakes tho Fausto? some can be very ones that aren’t just plain…kinds that come in an assortment of flavors are delicious. when i’m in Austin they have this cupcake stand at the Farmer’s Market that sells a tasty assortment of different flavored cupcakes that i get and stuff my face full of em.

    I am quite looking forward to eating pumpkin pie when I come home for thanksgiving though. pumpkin flavored anything is quite delicious actually.

  3. Avatar Blueboi says:

    LOVE Bertha. I’m not normally a fan on Drag Queens, but i could really get into her 😀

    The idea of having a new penis surgically attached just seems creepy to me, not to mention the scarring.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Genetic engineering. With natural selection more or less gone in humans i think it’s time we started artificially guiding our evolution.

    BTW, I didn’t mean any offense with my comment about Mark & El Nino. I hope it wasn’t interpreted that way. I luv Mark. 😀

  4. Avatar Darrin says:

    I loved this podcast!!! You’ve really got me thinking about cake.

  5. Avatar Cliff Dix says:

    Who wouldn’t love a Drag Show where you get to eat? Bertha is a treat. I also agree with Chicken Girl, Why oh why does Fausto have to hate on the cupcake so much. I love them! I also love cakes and pies. I do not discriminate against any form of desert.

  6. Avatar RcktMan says:

    LOVE Bertha! I was at the show he talks about where the #2 Bachelors were going at it… they were making quite a scene! I also got the play Win, Lose or Drink with Bertha a few weeks later. She’s a treasure, that one… and her baked goods are AMAZING!!!! Loved the show guys!!! 😉

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