FOF #1115 – Behind the Scenes on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover

Dec 30, 2009 · 1985 views

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Snip, snip! or is it snap, snap? Hairstylist Donnie Brown joins us to give us a behind the scenes look at the latest episode of Tabatha’s Salon Makeover, where hairstyling expert Tabatha Coffey marched into Chicago Male hair salon to help save the struggling business and gave them a tounge-lashing for their loose ways.


  1. dc_gay_man says:

    Hilarious behind-the-scenes edition. For the publicity, you’d think the owner would pay his employees for tips lost for the show (or at least, order catering for production). At least, the production asst. was a piece of meat passed around for the taking.

    Thanks for a great show.

  2. Thanks for compliment. This is really a show for fans of the Salon Takeover, if you aren’t into it, then this is not the show for you. We’ll be back next week with regularly scheduled programming.

  3. Big G says:

    I torrented this programme out of interest – am now totally addicted!! Richard was giving me deja vu, but I initially thought that it was because of his resemblance to Pee Wee Herman. When he revealed that he used to be drag queen I suddenly remembered who he was!! Funny moment made all the more funny by the glory hole revelations on this show!

  4. I ran into Regina on NYE and she had some choice words for me. She claims her mother listened to the show and she didn’t appreciate us talking about the glory hole at the entrance to her apt.

  5. If one does not wish folks to gossip about the GLORY HOLE AT YOUR ABODE’S ENTRANCE…. fix it, take it out, or move.

  6. RcktMan says:

    Wow… this was a vicious, nasty and FUN show! 🙂 I laughed out loud NUMEROUS times… and I’m talking deep-down, hearty BELLY laughs.

    I think anyone who watches shows like these needs to know that they are highly edited and what you are seeing is probably not exactly representational of what actually happened — at least not 100%. I just got done watching the show and it looks like it takes place within a matter of just a few days, but according to what Donnie said, filming actually took a week. I am curious to know how long the store remodeling took, though. It seemed on the show like it happened within two days. That seems really quick.

    I loved the show. I enjoyed the rapport between Tabitha and the staff. It seemed that they all respected her ideas overall (at least on the show) and were willing to make the changes they needed to make to improve the salon. I just think Tabitha is amazing and I love her wit and her personality.

    I do agree though… many, MANY more businesses could use her “guerrilla” type of management-takeover style to whip them into better shape. She certainly knows what she’s doing.

  7. Andy says:

    The show is hilarious! Even I have never watched the show “Salon Takeover” I loved all the gossip, especially about Regina Uptight`s glory hole.

  8. Loved this show because I love both Feast and Tabitha’s Takeover.

    Oh, and F Regina – don’t chat about your gloryhole openly if you don’t want it discussed. Plus, he was so annoying on the show.

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