FOF #1127 – Keep Your Hands Off My Man

Jan 20, 2010 · 1985 views

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The last time fashion writer Terrence Chappell was on the show, he was excited about the possibilities of working as editor for a new gay magazine. He’s not working there today, what went wrong?

Listen as Terrence shares his insights into why gay print media struggles and how Chicago drag legend Chili Pepper tried to steal his man. News: The Great Chocolate Wall of China and the virtual trannie scam artist.


  1. dc_gay_man says:

    Hx Magazine closed.

  2. thnx for the fabulous Easter egg! hilarious… 🙂

  3. funsizedsnacks says:

    I hate pointing out things like this but…that man is gorgeous.

    And Fausto is hilarious. “I bring it up because race plays into the story.” No it didn’t…

    Last thing – what happened to being able to go to your flickr feed and see extra shots from the show?

  4. David Gordon says:

    Great show guys, sad to hear about NH trying to repeal gay marriage. Even sadder to know that my vote yesterday did not keep Scott Brown from becoming Senator of MA. How long before do you think it will be before he attempts to repeal gay marriage in MA! I am so depressed

  5. He can’t repeal marriage, it’s a state law and he’s a senator and only deals in Federal law.

  6. Blueboi says:

    I knew i guy who had a Wet-Suit fetish. He and a group of like minded guys would get all dressed up in business suits then jump into his pool and prance around. Kinda like wet shirt night, but with full on suits. It was kinda hot actually…

  7. Hell No! I end up watching TV shows twice because I miss most of the first time round, as soon as I sit down to watch…zzzzzz

    OMG you must be psychic I was putting shopping away whilst listening to the easter egg and at the exact moment I closed the fridge door Fausto said “What’s that?” and Marc said “It’s the refrigerator”… do do do do

  8. Andy says:

    Love the Easter egg at the end of the show!

  9. Loved the show. Thank you for reminding your listeners to help the Haitian earthquake victims.

  10. Really, really great show…….but honestly the easter egg was the BEST!!! Reminds me of what I go through when recording special intros for my own show. Have an awesome weekend!! 🙂

  11. Great seeing Terrence on the show again. His experiences with gay media sounds hauntingly familiar. Print media has taken a major economic hit and the gay publications are no exception. I won’t be surprised if in 10 years from now all print media goes online. Even the NY Times has lost many of their subscribers. Great to hear that Terrance is working for Modern Luxury / The Men’s Book. They are a great publication and a talented and professional group of people to work with.

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