FOF #1134 – Suit Fetish

Jan 29, 2010 · 77012 views

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Everybody likes a well dressed man or woman, it seems Tiger Woods loves both. Playboy model Loredana Jolie revealed that Tiger isn’t “normal” because he likes having sex for hours & loves to see guys and gals go gay while he wears a suit.

Plus, Kirstie Allie’s new twitter flame war, Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, the Chinese government drafts a law to jail people who eat dogs and cats, Robotic Groundhog Day and thousands of queer folks in Australia to pose nude for photographer Spencer Tunicks.


  1. charlesver33 says:

    Guys in suits are hot. Great show guys!

  2. There MUST be a Bad Romance Video with Fausto in Eartha Cat Woman attire and Marc as Batman… and YES you MUST be Adam West Batman. Can this PLEASE happen? Please please please! Justify My Love has more specifically the Suit Sex you are thinking about… and guess who has the sex book in her book shelf still in it’s original packaging?…. hmmmm

  3. you boys look so good in your suits! yummy!

  4. brian says:

    Fausto I love when you do your voices. Your rendition of bad romance reminded me…

  5. BASboy says:

    Sorry about all the postings… Just figuring it out how to post an actual video on here… this is my final attempt.

  6. Can you repost the Tiger Woods link? I can’t open it 🙁

  7. eric says:


    Funny you should bring this up on the show. I’m finding that
    most “sexual encounters” don’t involve kissing. Once in awhile
    you’ll get a good kisser, which I love!!! I’m been seeing this
    f-buddy for a couple of years who’s an amazing kisser! Only
    problem is, I’m totally crushing on him…passion is off the charts.
    So, yes, [good] kissing does cause a serious, intimate connection.
    If I was in my twenties, I probably could deal with it. I’m having
    a hard time [no pun] as it is.

  8. Monstru Itto says:

    I’m a total suit fetishist… not kidding! And there’s quite a lot of us.
    I really get turned on by a guy in a suit, even wearing one feels hot!

    Haven’t heard the episode yet… but I will soon. I just had to read the comments on it after reading the title.

    Will comment more after I hear it.

    Sorry I’ve been away, but you know I love you guys.

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