FOF #1148 – Release the Pressure

Feb 23, 2010 · 1985 views

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We’re all excited for our live podcast from Steamworks with live performances by some of Chicago’s funniest comedians including Fausto in a low-budget Lady Gaga outfit and Cameron Esposito!

Plus: British meat chips, Sarah Palin and Jamie Foxx cross the Tonight Show picket line, a man becomes HIV-free after a stem cell transplant, Smith students cheer wildly over Rachel Maddow and Shaquille O’Neil takes a turn as an art curator.


  1. I love when Cameron is on the show! She brightens my day!

  2. I wish today’s podcast never ended. So glad I discovered you guys!

  3. Avatar Cody says:

    The show was hilarious!!!! Cameron is always a delight. The energy among you three is awesome. Loved listening made an hour of work fly by 🙂

  4. Avatar Big Red says:

    awesome show!…it was fab! i laughed A-lot!
    and how great that my wife’s music is at the end!

    thanks y’all!!!


  5. Avatar Cliff Dix says:

    Congrats to Cameron for breaking that “no girls” barrier into Steamworks. I always love Cameron. Have a great show.
    Aren’t pork rinds already a meat chip? I see them in the vending machines next to the potato chips all the time. Marc talked about eating peanut butter/potato chip sandwiches. I love them. Frito corn chips are the best with peanut butter.

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