FOF #1173 – All Hail Lady Gaga

Apr 14, 2010 · 36143 views

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We just received our 4th People’s Choice Podcast Award in the mail and to celebrate we invited songbird Melissa Young to come over and shoot the breeze.

Listen as we chat with Melissa about the iPhone Madonna app, the upcoming Madonna Glee episode and the unusual Facebook page asking for a million people to have Lady Gaga be the single voice for gays. Plus all ht hot news- Twitter, Lady Gaga, gay moths, Liza Minelli, Mike Huckabee and Billy Elliot at the Oriental Theater.


  1. Melissa Young says:

    OMG! The Madonna GLEE! episode was not on last night, it’s on next week. We had the teaser with Sue doing shot for friggin’ shot Vogue video. I loved it. Loved the lyric changes.

  2. Blueboi says:

    Lol, that Liza fragment reminded me of this :p

  3. waaahahahahahhaha. Fantastic!

  4. I hope “Melissa Young Is Cat” becomes reality!

  5. Andy says:

    Hilarious show with Melissa!


    Guess what I just found out? Because I’m the Mayor of the Skokie Theater, they will give the Mayor 2 free tickets to a performance of their choice! I think that is awesome!

  7. Anna says:

    Jamie Anderson’s “When Cats Take Over the World” –
    Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat” –

  8. When Cats Take Over The World is TOTALLY IN THE SHOW!

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