FOF #1177 – Bright Lights, Big City

Apr 20, 2010 · 1985 views

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Small towns are starting to embrace the gays, but for some people, the big city is the answer to all their problems. Today blogger Ryan Justice rolls out the Big Gay Welcome Wagon, his blog dedicated to the needs of small town gays who move to big cities in search of happiness.

Plus: Grace Jones says she’s “pissed” at Lady Gaga, a couple is arrested for providing breast implants without medical training, Scott Herman’s bold red suit, and a rooster crows “cock a doodle don’t” and becomes a hen.


  1. Michael says:

    What fun…I enjoyed getting to know Ryan…’s nice to know he’s from a small town too. We raised chickens when I was a kid, but we never had any that changed sex….although I did take a rooster to show-and-tell once.

  2. Blueboi says:

    lol. i’d love for people to think i have no soul, but that might just be because I’m twisted. 😀
    The southpark joke has kinda made Gingers cool.

    Fausto, I think your thinking of The Flash. He’s the one in red.

  3. Blueboi says:

    I’ve heard about marine animals that have been know to change sex. But never any avian. I’m betting it wasn’t actually a rooster. Or a genetic anomaly.

  4. Andy says:

    I think social media like facebook does help to keep in touch with people and maintain friendships. But the easiest way to make new friends is still through dating and house parties.

    • How do you get a date though?

      • Andy says:

        Through Dating sites or at a café / bar you can ask a nice guy for a date. Also at the library or the theatre or art exhibitions it is not that difficult to meet gay guys, flirt a little and ask for a date.

        Or maybe you can go to straight parties and find yourself a fag hag. Then she can introduce you to other gay guys.

        Most important if you just moved to a new, big city is to be open-minded, go out as often as you can and give yourself some time.

    • Great points, it also matters how outgoing you are as well though. Without those social butterfly wings a person’s ability to utilize face to face contact can be dramatically handicapped. Personally, I can be an extremely introverted person and those scenarios (unless I know a lot of people there) are somewhat intimidating. Me and the guy I’m interested in right now started out talking on Facebook.

      Overall, I don’t think there is any one method you should rely on, and not everything will work the same for each person. Find the method that works best for you. 🙂

  5. Anna says:

    Something Fausto said reminded me of Susan Werner’s song “Give Me Chicago Any Day”:

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