FOF #1180 – The Right to Love

Apr 26, 2010 · 1985 views

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It’s been an intense week! The Chicago Tribune published a feature on the Feast of Fun, calling us the “Oprah of Gay Podcasting,” describing how we took a little cabaret show and transformed it into the world’s biggest gay talk show.

Our good friend Michael Lehet joins us to hold our hand and to make sense of it all, talk about his Equality Illinois Bus Trip and why some gay podcasters can’t seem to enjoy seeing one of their own make it big.


  1. Andy says:

    Thank you for your very kind words! 🙂 I cannot wait to meet you, Fausto and Marc, in person and also Michael again. Just yesterday I thought about Amsterdam, as I took some pictures of beautiful tulips near my place.

    Celebrate your success! The FOF podcast, blog, website and community are fabulous and I enjoy to be a part of this community and to watch it grow and prosper!

    Stephen Hawking might be right about the aliens. It didn’t really turn out very well for the Native Americans and Native Australians after their continent had been discovered.

  2. Congratulations! You deserve this public acknowledgment. Unfortunately, there will always be people trying to divide the LGBTQ Community and in the end, their efforts obstruct our pathway to equality. Lords knows, if could have pleased everyone I would have been a bigger slut in my 20’s. Keep up the good work you do.

  3. Eric M says:

    Great show! Don’t let the negativity get you down. It isn’t possible for the show to be all things to all people 5 days a week. The notion is silly from the start. You’ve done shows and had guests that I did not appreciate. But I’m an adult, I changed channels hit delete and went on my merry way. I didn’t bother posting a diatribe on the subject because I know that many in your audience did actually enjoy and appreciate the very things that annoyed me. And the world is a better place because we aren’t all the same.

    I love the show and you make me laugh, you educate me, you expand my world and you put your own unique stamp on the insanity that rages around. You do that far more than you piss me off for which you are deserving of more than glowing worlds in the Tribune. But this will have to do.

    Eric M
    Oak Park Adjacent

  4. That was a fantastic show. I’ve been listening all last week and didn’t realize how much you guys had accomplished. Though it’s really more of a reflection on how much you guys have grown over the years. We are so proud of how far you have come. You deserve every ounce of praise you get and MORE. For many of us, myself included, you brighten our day and warm our hearts. I can’t tell you how many times a crappy day has been turned right on it’s heel by Fausto’s Ru-paul-isms or Marc’s sassy back-handed compliments (whoa that is a lot of hyphens).

    Not that I need to tell you this but it doesn’t mater what the nay sayers think. You spread love and happiness all over the world every single day and they are just jealous of your success. It’s my belief that those folks that belittle your work are not only just jealous of you guys but are too afraid to come out and try it themselves. You are stars and heroes to us all and a shining example of what the world should be like: Loving, accepting, strong and loud!

    I’ve listened to you both for years and I will continue to listen as long as you keep it up. I hope that I have many more years ahead to enjoy this wonderful Feast of Fun!


  5. I’m so glad you guys are getting some buzz from the straight world. You guys deserve kudos for all that you do to bring joy into your listener’s lives without compromising to some soulless shitty corporate media conglomerate. Oh, and I had to laugh at the “self-promotion” criticism. How the fuck do they think the most successful people in showbiz got their start? There’s no fairy godmother with a magic fame wand… you gotta bust your ass and get your name out there to make something of yourself.

    Anyway… keep up the good work, boys. And remember what RuPaul says, “Kill em with kindness. And if that don’t work, then take off your weave and pull a knife on a bitch.”

  6. Chickengirl says:

    I know I don’t comment enough on the shows cos i’m lazy >_> but since I can’t leave a comment on the article’s website without an account I’ll say my piece here!

    I’ve been a listener of the show for over 4 years now and even though I can’t say I belong to the GLBT community cos I’m straight, I’ve always been into gay media and ever since I started listening to FOF I can’t live without it!! Whatever the topic, even if its not something I’m extremely into, it’s always fun and entertaining because of what Marc, Fausto and their guests bring to each show!! These guys do a lot of work to get where they are to day and they deserve every amount of praise that they get! Those haters don’t know what the hell they are talking about! and I know that negativity won’t stop Marc and Fausto from doing what they do best!

    so keep it up guys! You will always have my support! 😀


  7. RcktMan says:

    I love you guys, and am so happy about all the wonderful things that are happening for you. I’m a Proud Power Fan! 🙂

  8. I can’t believe there is an issue with you guys being rewarded for your hard work. When everyone in the gay community argues for equal rights, but treats individual success towards achieving this goal as a crime, how can a community step forward? I hope you guys ignore the angry comments and realize you are helping history, a community, and individuals progress in self discovery.

  9. I really wish there wasn’t engagement in the comments section. The back and forth was like watching my divorcing parents fight. In the end it was the kids who got hurt. I’ll be so glad when this blows over and I can come out from my hiding place under my bed.

    • All we know about these clowns is that we helped them with their audio and had them on the show years ago. That’s the only contact we’ve ever had with them.

      They returned my help with years of insulting us and attacking us for no good reason. Never saying why. They still don’t say why.

      We aren’t your parents. They aren’t my peers, they are creeps who pick on people to try to entertain their audience and make themselves feel good.

  10. Jase says:

    I am really glad you addressed all of the haters, especially BS Explosion who is just doing this for a laugh, I suspect.. Most of them are just trouble-makers who like to complain or are truly jealous of what you both have accomplished. (Marc Moose Moder is a good example and I am glad you were brave enough to call him out, he is someone who talks shit all the time and continues to shouldn’t be throwing stones in public. Anyone in Chicago’s bar scene or Manhunt knows his reputation and I write that because he continues to talk shit about you guys at Sidetracks and it needs to stop!) I AM A PROUD LISTENER OF FEAST OF FUN AND I WILL DEFEND YOU GUYS FOREVER! You should be proud of the work you do. You work hard. You self-promote like crazy, which YES that is a good thing and you produce a great show with guests that no one can match. Don’t take anyone’s comments personally (if that’s possible), you have fans that love you and inspire people who discover you on iTunes. So down with the hate, and much love to the amazingly good/inspiring work you boys tirelessly do.

    • Moose actually reached out to me since this show was posted and we’re going to set a time to talk about things and hopefully clear the air. He does not know us personally but he does know several people with whom we’ve had falling out.

      We always felt that if Fausto and I stuck by each other, engaged the audience, focused on the work and delivered a great show, that people would see us for who we are. This outlook helped us survive and grow and in the scope of our life, this little bump is nothing, because at the end of the day I’ve got a great man, an award winning show and an audience that gives us so much love it’s hard to feel it all.

      Don’t give the BS explosion another thought.

      • Adam K says:

        Most people do see you for who you are — an amazing duo who deliver a really good podcast. And like a-list celebrities, you just have to learn to deal with assholes like Marc Moder and Patrick Powers on the BS Explosion and live above and beyond their shallow depths. (I wouldn’t even bother meeting with them cuz they all are two-faced and talk behind people’s backs.) The amount of good you do for the community in Chicago (and the world) far outweighs anything those idiots can say or do. I say let it fire you up to keep doing what youre doing, cuz nothin’ is wrong with it. I wish You and Fausto nothing but success.

      • Thank you Adam! As Michael Buckley likes to say– ‘have a great weekend.’

  11. Michael says:

    To continue the conversation on ‘Why people hate’ I wanted to share this link with you.

  12. trickytoro says:

    One of my umpteen podcasts that I love, Keith and the Girl, have this rabid audience who will just go after whoever the hosts deems target of the moment. It’s great fun to watch. I usually don’t participate due to time. I expect that from them. One of the great things about FOF is the show sets this positivist tone where its the assets we dwell on. When there have been flare ups they have been addressed in a very thoughtful manner. That’s one of the great things about FOF, it’s a refuge. Maybe I’m the only one who feels like this but I’d really rather not watch you guys fight with anyone whether I like them or I don’t like them.

    • I’m not fighting with anyone. I’m only saying how I feel by others behavior. Often on this show we kid around with certain entertainers, but its not something I don’t share with them personally. Everything I’ve ever said about Miss Foozie for example, I’ve whispered in her ear as a naughty joke, which I know she appreciates. I actually admire her and all the hard work she puts into being a drag queen. I don’t talk about people I know whom I really don’t like. They aren’t worth my time.

      Their hate (all these podcasters you enjoy) hurts them in much deeper ways than they realize. In the end they are human beings who have dug themselves into a pit of loneliness and anger. They lie, harass and bully people to entertain their audience.

      I forgive them for their stupidity and ignorance. Probably their desire to abuse others comes from that they were horribly abused in life. It makes them feel good to hurt others, because then the pain isn’t directed at themselves.

      Because I do care about you Tricky T, it does make me worry about your well being that you enjoy watching people being attacked, whether it’s us or someone else.

      • Eric M says:

        Interesting set of comments. The FOF is the only entertainment podcast I listen to. BTW the website looks amazing on my new iPad 3G!

        I stopped listening to commercial radio in the 80’s because all the morning shows that were popular were full of people pranking and making fun of other people. Having come out in high school in a small rural Ohio community in the late 70’s I was tormented by the usual suspects. The always hid behind the “we were just joking” mantra that insured they never got in trouble. But when you are the focus of the “joke” it’s not that funny.

        Because of that personal experience I just can’t listen as others gay or straight pull the same BS on others. If people enjoy others misery (there is a German word for it that I can’t spell) it makes me sad.

        Marc and Fausto deserve all the good things coming their way and more. They have worked hard at this for years and any long time listener can tell they put their hearts and souls into it!

        Okay….. Enough on that. This in my first posting on the iPad. Now I’ve got it working I’ll be posting more often.

        Eric M
        Oak Park Adjacent

      • Thanks for the kind words Eric! I’m pretty proud of the site (despite so some bugs here and there that we hope to fix by the end of the summer.)

        I had a lot of “touch” interfaces in mind when I designed it, and I’m always amazed at how much we and the FOF audience does on this site built on a customization of WordPress. Wait until you see the iPhone and Ipad app we are working on, it’s going to be beautiful.

  13. trickytoro says:

    I know you’re not Fausto. i was referring to Marc’s engagement in the tribune and then on the *** boards. Goes against everything that was said on this show about working stuff out with the people you have issues with directly.

    The KATG comment was prolly not expressed correctly. Give the show a listen and you’ll prolly see what I meant. It’s not legitimately mean spirited what they do. It’s more like teasing.

  14. trickytoro says:

    Anywho I’m reading the comments out of order. Am I a bad person because I listen to that other podcast? Since they are creeps? Can I love you both?

    Why twist my words and take them out of context? If the object was to hurt my feelings it worked very well.

  15. Guys, as a VERY old fan (listenning to you guys since 2005) I´d like to congratulate you for all the recognition you are having. You certainly deserve this and more!
    You guys helped me through my worst days and were part of my best ones!
    I´m probably ¨another one¨ of your Brazilian fans, but I´m certainly the most loyal one!
    I´m hoping for the day I´ll see you guys in a TV show (Yes, Fausto, I know TV is ¨old media¨ but still….)
    All the best!

  16. PS to Marc: I don´t remember quite well if this was in this show or in the previous one: your little Hibiscus seedlings that are yellowish: they are probably albino… The main cause to this are mutations in the chloroplast DNA. (Cloroplast are organelles that produce chlorophyl, that is one of the main substances involved in photosynthesis and it is what makes the plants look green).

    You´ve found these albino plants among the others probably due to imbreeding of the mother plant that produced the seeds you´ve collected. I´m very sorry to say it, but if they are albino they will not survive much longer.

    In oposition to albino humans (or other albino animals) that just lost their skin pigment and might have a normal life (well, more or less, as I remember one news item from one of your shows some time ago about canibalism and albinos in africa), your albino plants lost the one pigment that allow photosynthesis to hapen. And as they are not able to photosynthesise their food, they will literally starve to death…

    Yes, its a bit sad, but the other ones should be OK… And yes, I know all this because I work with it (Im a plant biology professor at a State University in Brazil.)

  17. Xavi says:

    I picked a good time to be away…the feature in the Trib is so exciting but I’m very sorry to hear about the negativity. I love what you guys do and thrilled by the recognition you so richly deserve. I”m focusing on the positive and ignoring the rest. 😉

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