FOF #1193 – Deven Green Had Me at Hello

May 18, 2010 · 41011 views

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With the success of her parody videos on 80s soap opera stars and her recent re-dubbing of Lionel Ritchie’s ridiculous video “Hello,” Deven Green practically owns the word “Hello” on the internet.

Today Deven Green and her hunky husband Joel Bryant join us today to give us a sneak peek at their upcoming projects which include a cooking reality TV show , a vampire/zombie web series and a song written on the ukulele just for us.


  1. Heath Bruce says:

    Woot! It’s about time Deven and Joel made a return appearance. This totally makes my day. 😀

  2. My day too! I so love when they are on the show!

  3. joel says:

    OK, you guys make me howl – and I’m not just talking about your guests. I’m talking about you two. Truly two of the nicest, funniest, unicorn-loving flat-out entertainers working in any medium today.
    Obviously I/we adore you, but your bit on WGN summed you up perfectly!! Kudos you for your continued bid for world dominance!! You deserve it!!!
    And it was an absolute hono(u)r to be your guests on your WGN-covered show.
    Love listening to you guys, love dancing with you guys at Disneyland, and I LOVE your fan-base!! I think I’d only have 5 friends on FB if it wasn’t for your rabid group of appreciators…….

  4. Deven says:

    Great WGN story! So glad to be on the receiving end 🙂
    Lover of unicorn lovers,
    xo deven

  5. charlesver33 says:

    I’ve said this many times before, but Deven + Joel + Fausto + Marc = FUNNY. That’s all the math you need to know.

  6. brian says:

    We listened to this one on the way driving from MA to VA. It was wonderful! Thanks for making the drive a bit better. We even sang along with Deven and Joel. You guys are so horrible…keep it up! Oh, and the video…wow, just hilarious!!!!

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