FOF #1196 – Land of the Lost

May 24, 2010 · 27058 views

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That’s all folks! Last night, ABC aired the final episode of LOST, the popular series about the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island inhabited by polar bears, smoke monsters and hot guys who couldn’t seem to die.

Today we’re joined by Marcus Leshock and Anna Roberts of the “Last Minute Lost Podcast” – a podcast entirely dedicated to the hit TV show to try to make sense of the final episode and discuss the sex appeal of the actors and the religious themes buried deep in the plot.


  1. Cody says:

    Could your argument for the use of the word ‘tranny’ used for ‘faggot’?

    • I think the argument can be used for any slur word. But was the word created by the people who use it or created to hurt the people it represents?

      According to Kate Bornstein, “tranny” came from Australia as a way to bring transvestites, transexuals and drag queens together.

      • Cody says:

        I’m def at odds about “faggot.” I feel like no one should say it but that’s not gonna happen there will be someone out there that wants to be derogatory towards the queer population. So should we embrace the word…and allow it to become another ” n-word.” I personally hate the stigma of the “n-word” in that only black people can say it, and wouldn’t want faggot to become that.

  2. 300fromRyan says:

    Great point made about science turning into religion. I haven’t watched Lost and I am a religious person, but I think this common “mistake” takes away from rather than add to a show. A great solution if the creators want to incorporate religion is to make it a part of one of the characters. That way it is present in a character which the viewer can choose to connect with or not without forcing it down the throats of the audience. From all that I’ve heard, this would have definitely satisfied more people.

    • A lot of religions have the implicit need that their way is the right way. If a TV program depicts characters in a space with various viewpoints, then why should any of them be right?

      By making the ending all an all encompassing “fantasy” it makes it possible for the audience to believe in the theology created in the show.

  3. Cody says:

    Seems like a pretty good run down on what happened.

  4. Andy says:

    Have you noticed quite some people who are really into Lost are kinda lost in real life? I am always surprised of people who seem to know every little detail of the show but have no clue what is going on around them, problems and developments in the world. At the end it is just a TV show.

    In my opinion a TV show should be fun, something you watch to be entertained, something like “The Simpson” or “Sex and the city”. For a more complex story, subject a book, made out of paper, is still the best medium.

  5. Xavi says:

    Re: Harvey Milk Day in California. May 22nd is not a holiday like July 4th but a day of special significance, similar to Cesar Chávez Day. no one gets off work or school but schools are encouraged to discuss Harvey’s contribution to society.

    I was at the Black and White Ball that evening at Symphony Hall in SF. kd lang went out of her way to wish Harvey Milk a happy birthday and thanking him for “making my life easier to live”. The crowd went wild, which is heart warming as it was not a gay event.

    question about Perez Hilton. I noticed he doesn’t spell it with an accent (Pérez vs. Perez). Regardless, I always thought it was the most clever name for a celebrity gossip blog. Pérez anglicized is pronounced Paris as in Hilton. PérezHilton or Paris Hilton, sounds the same. I always thought that was the point but everyone seems to pronounce it pear-EZZ. am i reading way too much into this? 😉

    gonna stay up nonstop and catch up on lost episodes…have to go all the way back to the pilot. i always wanted to watch but never got around to it. no time like the present.

    • Marc Felion says:

      Thanks Xavi for the Milk info. It’s what I figured.

      Perez came up with his name, as the story goes, when he was waiting to get into a club and was wondering why there was a long line. They bouncer said “Paris Hilton is coming.” And he responded “Yeah right! Maybe Perez Hilton is coming!” And there you go, a new drag name was born.

      • Xavi says:

        what a great story! now i can have two spanish drag names. My original is SeRenta Barato and now i can be Pérez Hilton! 😀 Paris, Perez and Pérez Hilton!

  6. Marc Felion says:

    As for the accent. he may not use because it can get screwed up in html, the language of the internet- Pérez can become Pe%4rez or some other gobbledygook. Fausto has the same problem with Fernós.

    Also, he may not use the accent because English is a stressed language and you don’t need an accent to symbolize where the stress belongs. You learn where it is by hearing it.

    • Xavi says:

      we had this discussion the other day. César Chávez has become See-Zerr Sha-VEZ. when i hear that i ask, do we attend shursh (church)? then why say shavez?. John Pérez, the openly gay speaker of the California Assembly, was on KQED (NPR) the other day. Both he and the interviewer said John Paris. It made my day to not hear Pear-EZZ.

      I agree, we learn by hearing, but unfortunately we hear it wrong a lot. I’m glad you guys solved the Perez Hilton mystery and will totally embrace Pear-EZZ, at least when there’s a hilton behnd it. 🙂

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