FOF #1198 – How to Love Sex and the City 2

May 28, 2010 · 63725 views

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Bow down to the high priestesses of sex, friendship and fashion! Sex and the City 2 hit theaters last night and we loved it. This champagne soaked, roller coaster ride of fun features a lot of over-the-top fashion, hunky guys and an gay wedding officiated by Liza Minnelli, who sings and dances Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

And because of all these great reasons, the new Sex in the City movie is getting panned.


  1. Sweavers says:

    Okay, I wasn’t planning on going to see this movie, but now that you guys gave it such a good reivew, I’m going to knock back a couple of cosmos and go see it with my friends.

    Nice to hear Curtis on the show!

  2. BrianB says:

    Ha ha! Marc looks like Big in drag.

  3. Unfortunately, Fausto’s instinct about Abu Dhabi was totally spot on.

    Just a few days ago, most news sites reported a case of a young woman who was a victim of a gang rape by 5 men in Abu Dhabi. After appearing in court, she had to withdraw her testimony because the judge threatened to send her to life in prison for having “extramarital sex” (essentially, the official stance of law there is that a woman who is raped is guilty, because she put herself in a position to get raped in the first place) – so now she is facing “only” 2 years in prison for perjury.

    So, despite all the ads that Curtis apparently watched, Abu Dhabi is a nasty place, not just for gays but also for women – to be honest, I planned to see Sex and the City 2 (since I liked the first movie), but now after learning it helped to promote that place, I’m having second thoughts.

    • Trust me, at the end of the movie, you won’t be wanting to go to Abu Dhabi.

    • Curtis says:

      Ok I think you misunderstand me and the point I was making. Believe me I am no apologist for the excesses of theocratic human rights abuses against women, gays etc.. in the Middle East. , I wasn’t saying that Abu Dhabi was absolutely a place to rush off to, I am saying that I understand why Americans would view Abu Dhabi as an attractive vacation destination as it’s been sold as such. I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I personally have NO desire to go to any middle eastern destination. The show moves pretty quick and every little thing you want to say doesn’t always get said when there are three people and you’re a guest.

      I personally find the abuse of women, even just at the level of the fact that they are restricted in their ability to move around their own countries in freedom unrestrained by giant black sacks enough of a reason to not go and to condemn the nations. The stuff you talk about is just a repulsive rotten cherry on the fetid cake of theocracy. Ultimately you and I are on the same page and so is the movie.

      • Yeah for a comedy (remember this movie is a comedy) I think it touches on both aspects, how the middle east is sold to westerners as a travel destination, and the struggle for women (and gays) to exist there. But also how women find their own spaces to delve into beauty and fashion.

  4. Jay Gomez says:

    OMG I LOVED IT!!!! it was great seeing a more vulnerable side of Charlotte and Miranda at the hotel room bar scene. AND OMG THE OPENING SCENE WAS SUCH A SHOCKER!!! IT’S A MUST SEE!!! can’t wait to get it in DVD

    • Andy says:

      I love the hotel room bar scene as well. 🙂

    • Andy says:

      I have watched the series, the first movie and now the second. I think the series is better than the movies but the second movie was better than the first.
      I really liked it, it was just fabulous and I think it is worth it to watch in the cinema. I don’t But Sarah Jessica Parker did not look so good. She could use some Botox or a laser dermabrasion. 😉

      I have not visited Abu Dhabi but Dubai. It is impressive, shiny and luxurious but it is just a facade. Everything is build by workers, mostly from India and Pakistan who are treated like modern slaves. I was interesting to see it once but I don’t want to go there again.

  5. Faramir says:

    I think they used a CGI Liza! She can still dance??? 😉

    I’m getting married this very Saturday and with the right density of gay guys she might appear at our ceremony as well!!!

  6. Does anyone know how much of these movies are based on the actual column by Bushnell? I think it’s quite a departure from Candace Bushnell’s column in the New York Observer when you go from column to book to TV series to movie … and then another movie. What I liked about the book and the original TV series was that it was based on sex issues that modern day urban dwellers face. Each chapter / episode was based on one of Carries tales / columns. It was the “Tales of The City” of the 90’s. The movies, although entertaining, seem to have little of this element. Hollywood writers appear to have taken a good thing and turned it into another drawn out soap opera for the masses. I’ll wait for it on Netflix, probably on a rainy night when I feel like having a Cosmo without stepping outside my apartment.

  7. charlesver33 says:

    Thank you guys for recommending the movie! My boyfriend thought it was a bit much, I told him just be glad it wasn’t in 3-D. SNAP!

  8. Curtis says:

    Finally caught the new Scissor Sisters single/video on Myspace (see below) and I don’t think they look bored at all. Their music has always been heavily referential to pop music of the past, mostly the 1970’s on previous albums and I think this song points to an 80’s influence, specifically and surprisingly a connection to U2. A Gay edged U2 filtered through a pair of Elton John’s old sunglasses, but definitely U2 flavored. Also it isn’t the fluffy joyful confections of their past albums but a slowed down, power ballad kind of energy. The repetition of the lyric “fire” and “desire” is a little obnoxious, but overall I think it’s a nice song, shows a little maturity on their part and progression as songwriters and pop stylists.

  9. Xavi says:

    I saw the movie with the SF Movie Bears. 85% bears 5% nonbears 10% women. as we were exiting there was a line up for the next showing. 90% women 9% gay men 1% boyfriends. hissssterical turn of events.

    we LOVED the movie. was it a great piece of film? no way. did we laugh our way through it? totally. Sex in the City was never known as a high quality series like The Wire, Sopranos, Big Love, Deadwood, etc. that didn’t mean we didn’t love it. the movie was like a long episode. you guys captured it (and i haven’t even finished listening)!

  10. Xavi says:

    i can’t believe i forgot this part…

    every time chris noth was on screen i kept saying omg, he looks so much like Marc (instead of the other way around).

  11. peter snead says:

    Del and Baby Daddy are hotter than Jake…maybe that is the bear in me 🙂

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