FOF #1202 – iPhone Sexting 4.0

Jun 8, 2010 · 91672 views

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Apple’s new iPhone is out of the closet. It’s thinner in size and richer in graphics, but what really gotten people’s attention is the front facing camera which allows for video chatting- Sexting just got upgraded.

And Hollywood is getting is getting randy too as many celebrities enjoying media attention from their same sex kisses. Find out who has been locking lips.


  1. John says:

    “Get Him to the Greek” was amazingly funny. I’m sorry you think it looks awful. I haven’t laughed so much in a long while: it’s sad that it probably won’t get the exposure that it deserves.

  2. javierjl says:

    Loved today’s shows. You have great shows with guests, but I do love it when it’s just the two of you talking about the topics of the day. And you’re right, sexting has now reached its apotheosis.

  3. ameriqueer says:

    Sorry boys, Xtina and Madonna definitely kissed as well. The problem was the camera was focused on Timberlake’s reaction to the first kiss while it happened.

  4. wan2do says:

    so does this mean that the ibone will be able to do skype video calling?

  5. Andy says:

    First let me say I love the iPod and I consider to replace my Windows notebook with a Mac notebook at the end of the year.

    But I cannot understand the hype about the iPhone. Video-calling has been possible with other phones for years already and it does works great on 3G networks. What it is point if you only can video call via wifi? Further the Facetime feature has been around in Nokia phones for years. And why there is no HDMI connection for the new iPhone? The new Android phones from HTC or the new Nokia phones for example can directly be connected with a TV or monitor to show pictures or HD videos. And why Apple did not add Bluetooth 3? I also miss the free navigation software with hundreds of free maps to download which Nokia offers.

    • Blueboi says:

      That’s why some people (mostly the techsavy) are saying it’s one step forward two steps back.

      They’re limiting it to video calls via Wifi only because they’re afraid a number of networks simple wont be able to handle the extra bandwidth.

      I thought there were Output cables for the iPhone? I remember seeing some sort of cable that lets you connect your Iphone to a TV a while ago. Maybe it was something else.

      Bluetooth 3? Why not 4? Probably some issue with support :p

  6. Curtis says:

    Only through 13 minutes of the show and I have to comment. “The Proposal” the romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, while not a classic of the genre is a very delightful and truly funny movie, it was a huge success (Sandra’s first in years and the film that really put her on the popularity and publicity road to reclaim her “America’s Sweetheart” title and win the Oscar). She was in a horrid romantic comedy last year called “All About Steve” that is so bad that she won the Golden Raspberry for worst performance, perhaps that’s the bad movie you’re thinking about. The Proposal also stars Betty White in a scene stealing role as the Grandmother, also kicking off the Betty White craze that culminated in the recent SNL spot.

    “Get Him to the Greek” is hilarious. It is a well written character driven comedy that is a solid addition to what people think of as the “Judd Apatow Genre” of comedies (he is a producer on this one). I highly recommend it. It is a sequel to the wonderful “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” which is in the top 3 of the genre in my opinion.

  7. Blueboi says:

    In terms of technology most phones in Japan probably blow anything the west has right out of the water. THey’ve got the infrastructure to support many of these features (plus not to mention a technology hungry & aware population).
    Many other places aren’t even aware that these technologies exist.

    What i like about Apple’s iPhoneS is that they’re pushing the general public’s awareness of “new” technologies. Raising the bar so to speak.

    Yes there may be other phones that offer more advanced features but they make up a very very small % of the market. Usually only falling into the hands of the techsavy & nerdie.

    • Andy says:

      You are kinda right about Japan, but they also lost the lead which they used to have. When I was in Japan for the first time in 2002, I was amazed what kind of phones they had. In 2006/2007 I was still impressed but during that time the gap between Japanese phones and phones which were available in Europe was already smaller. Nowadays the gap is even smaller and also in Japan the iPhone is successful. If there was a big difference between current Japanese phones and the iPhone Japanese would not buy the iPhone.

      Moreover Japanese phone companies failed to enter other major markets successfully. Now they try to reenter the European or the US market by forming alliances. For example NEC, Hitachi…made an alliance and Fujitsu and Toshiba are planing to make an alliance to develop mobil phones together enter new markets.

      And there are some models from other makers which are as good as the iPhone and have a larger market share. Not in the US but in the European, Chinese,Indian or other markets.

      I think right now it is very difficult to tell who will be most successful. Apple with the iPhone or Android phones from e.g. HTC, Samsung or Nokia with the new Symbian or MeeGo.

      • Blueboi says:

        When the iphone first came out a lot of Japanese tech analysts completely scoffed it off as an inferior western toy that the Japanese people would never adopt. They were banking on the japanese staying “loyal” to their own companies and rejecting an inferior product (it didnt have some basic features like msm back then).
        What happened? The japanese fell in love with Apples design and interface. Sure it lacked some of the basic features common in japan (like live TV, video calls & emoney) but its ease of use and interface quickly won them over.

        Who’s going to have the most success? I’m betting on Apple. They REALLY know how to sell and their products are very user friendly (compared to a lot of others). They’re also appealing to a much larger market – the average person.

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