FOF #1222 – I’m Burning Up

Jul 22, 2010 · 34143 views

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We are gearing up for Market Days, Chicago’s hottest street fair located in the heart of Boystown. Join us this year at Steamworks‘ booth and play Twister with some of the Midwest’s hottest hunks dressed in swimsuits.

Cabaret baby Melissa Young joins us to give an update on her weight loss regiment and her all cat cabaret show. Plus, all the hot news.


  1. grk555 says:

    Hey this Gary Kendrick…Love you guys. Thanks for the shout out.
    When are Market Days? I would loveee to see you guys and meet up. I just need to make reservations. Give some advice. You both are awesome. I was so excited to hear you mention me. I feel so gifted. Thanks!!!!
    Off work until August 2nd. I can fly up anytime. Can’t wait. Love you boys.
    Gary K in Lexington. Love you boys

  2. grk555 says:

    Hey just dropped you guys a 500 buck donation. Love the show. Hope it helps. Stay online. We all need ya!

  3. RyanJustice says:

    I would TOTALLY do porn if I was in shape. It’s all part of my five year plan…

  4. Pamela says:

    I’m sorry… I just can’t do it anymore – I have to skip shows with Melissa Young on. Her voice annoys the hell out of me – it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. All those dumb vocal affectations she puts on… it makes me want to punch babies. I’m a long time listener and LOVE the show, but I just can’t take her any longer.

  5. Graveetas says:

    In Thailand, were “sex work” is legal most people view it as laziness where anyone can sell their body for money. The sexual stigma of “sex work” i.e. prostitution or pornography is more America’s Judeo-Christian guilt. Even though porn is a BILLION Dollar industry, America will always view porn as a sin or as wrong.
    I myself like porn, but wouldn’t want to be in one mostly because I don’t have talent. Modern day porn is acting and creating a fantasy much like Avatar. I wonder when Chi Chi Larue will come out with Gayvatar?

  6. Kateweb says:

    my belly is not any smaller but i have lost 5lb since that last show.

  7. melissayoung says:

    Right on Kateweb! I feel stronger… so that is a start for sure!

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