FOF #1243 – Supervillian Ken Mehlman: “Yep, I’m Gay”

Aug 27, 2010 · 1985 views

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Hold the phone Dora! Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican party during the aggressively anti-gay Bush years, has unexpectedly come out of the closet, saying “It’s taken me 43 years to get comfortable with this part of my life.” What do we make of this Johnny-come-lately to the gay rights agenda?


  1. jimmyC says:

    My guess is Ken Mehlman will end up attending Exodus international and become a poster child just like Ted Haggard. If we do not give him some time to come out in about 8 years if we embrace him. He may become a powerful alli. We just may have to learn to embrace gay republicans and when they know them selfs they will become democrats.

  2. jimmyC says:

    As a gay man I could never become angry at somebody for coming out of the closet. It may be hard but gay needs to mean more then to be happy we need to let people know we know how to love our people. Get rid of anger or user it.

  3. mododavid says:

    The same damn thing we’re doing to Target! YOU better make it right, Mehlman, or we are going to collectively boycott your dick!!…and ass and mouth and etc.

  4. Daniel says:

    He is a royal douche.

  5. Marcin says:

    Jimmy, noone is mad at him because he came out. I think what people are opposing is taking this kind of “Alright, everything is forgiven and forgotten. Welcome to the family” approach some people are taking with him.

  6. Great show! Ken Mehlman is a major loser and does not have my sympathy. Having said that, let me say that I really loved hearing about Fausto’s experiences in the sex industry, not to mention his fun rendition of “Por un amor”! (also sung by Linda Ronstadt) I just spent almost two weeks in Mexico (in Tepoztlán, Morelos, and in Mexico City) and had the best time, and didn’t get sick (except once! LOL). Only drink bottled water, use bottled water to brush your teeth, eat at better restaurants if you can or even just at chain ones like Sanborns and VIPS, focus on cooked food (and not raw), don’t eat too much spicy food, and take Imodium in case you do have bowel problems. The Zona Rosa in Mexico City is extremely gay, and there are really fun bars and clubs in the Centro Histórico on República de Cuba Street, such as Viena Bar and Marrakech Salon Bar–highly recommended!!!!! Mexico City is one of the gayest cities in the world and you should check it out.

  7. Joe Benson says:

    Fausto, I love your random references to that classic Linda Ronstadt album which seem to be often. Being a big fan of Linda Ronstadt back then I bought whatever she recorded although I never spoke Spanish. Listed to that cassette all the time and every time you break into one of those songs I think to myself that is sounds familiar then you reveal it is from that album. I loved your rendition of track eight when you said something like “they scream everything”

  8. Andy says:

    Why are Germans interested in cannibalism? Well, human meat is very delicious.^^

    No, seriously as mentioned in the article because of the incident which happened years ago. Only because of this incident the restaurant tried to get attention with this tasteless PR stunt, advertising for human meat on the menu.

  9. Curtis says:

    hate to burst your rumor bubble. I know you wanted desperately to start a hip-hop style pop war between Lady Gaga and the Scissor Sisters, but turns out they love each other so much that they will be together! The scissor sisters will be opening for Lady Gaga. see the link

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