FOF #1249 – Chris Crocker Wants the Best of Both Worlds

Sep 8, 2010 · 189714 views

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Chris Crocker proves he’s got what it takes to make it big, not just on YouTube, but as a musician too. Will he choose a music over being a video blogger, or will he have the best of both worlds?

Join us as Chris talks about the changing face of YouTube, clearing up all the rumors and gossip, and why he changed his look and is no longer a blond.


  1. luka says:

    Lmao… this freak is a joke… til i see his so called music debut onthe billboard charts that will prove to me hes a real musican. On itunes thats a joke any moron can post music too itunes… o and hes even uglier as a guy.. put a shirt on. In breed tenessee hick… he looks like a tweaker..

  2. OOOOOOOH! slam!
    thought the show was ok? actually couldnt finish it =( his voice annoyed me. can only take so much of chris crocker.

  3. luka says:

    O justin ur the loser defending a loser… now go back to ur room and watch youtube videos u sad pathetic sack of shit..

    • gothicgamer0990 says:

      you are the loser……… down people because you are miserable with your own life………get a fuckin life you sad pathetic piece of shit waste of sperm and egg

      • luka says:

        Ur sad pathetic sack of shit urself gothicgamer… lmao u also need to go back to ur room. u must get picked on alot:.. getting ur panties in a bunch.. go choke on a dick…

      • luka says:

        And im not downing anyone. Im just sayin whats true. Chris Crapper is a total waste.. He cant even sing. Just because people who have no self esteem can relate to his sorry ass music & lyrics buy his singles. He thinks he can sing… If he was such a great singer hed have a contract with a major label… And he does look like a tweaker..

    • gothicgamer0990 says:

      right………..”if you are good you have a deal with a major record label” DUDE there are shitty bands with major record label deals……… shut your fucking ignorance up. BTW I’m a genetic female and a lesbian so don’t tell me to go suck a dick til you get a dick pounded in your ass

    • gothicgamer0990 says:

      if i need a good dicking then u need one too………..oh wait ur not gay……….and i’m not str8 i was not born to be attracted to penis and neither were you……….so get a life you TROLL

    • gothicgamer0990 says:

      shut up loser……… don’t get sex anyway so yeah………..i got amazing sex from my hot ass GF last night and will get some more tonight and tomorrow night and the night after that and the night after that………..i could go on but i won’t because that is the classy thing to do

  4. Gabriel says:

    I like Chris… I don’t know him IRL so i don’t have a strong oppinion about his decisions and stuff. What i really think is: He is a nice guy and he says what he wants without worring about people’s thoughts.

  5. yomomma says:

    wow hes so full of it at first he was obsessed with famenow that hes not famous anymore, he hates on celebs when not all the celebs are the same just read his tweets hes full of shit. He doesn’t care about his fans, if so where is the proof? Glozell who isnt even as big as chris crocker went on a meet and greet tour to thank her fans and hang out with them chris, doesn’t do that isntead he takes charge on his twitter/youtube to complain about people in his neighborhood its like ok ? u hate them tell them to their face dont let your anger out on your fans #bumbitch. His song fell for the enemy is GREAT. But because of autotune. He Really Can’t sing. Just type in chris crocker accupella . He CANT sing. im not a hater i just want to inform his “fans” the TRUTH about him. He Says “im taking a break off the internet” 4 hours later he deltes those tweets and continues to tweet and stay on he doesn’t live up to his promises on jimmy kimmel he said britney responded to him, or made it seem as if she did then later he makes a video and turns on britney and says he doesnt support her yet in the beggining of his songs he says “Its chris Crocker” uh he stole that from britney spears. He gets made when people swagga jack him but its ok for him to swagga jack someone else and not give credit? call me crazy but that sounds like a hippocrite. He was suppose to have a “t.v. Show” where is that?! hes full of shit. Im not a hater, I used to be fan but i took notice on his bullshit and researched actual interviews of him and saw his videos before and now and inbetween hes full of shit. Hes in his 20’s and lives with his grandma what a loser.

    • luka says:

      Agree. And i find it funny how at his age he still lives at home. Tryin 2 be a bad ass. Sayin hes gonna beat someones ass… lol wait til he leaves grandmas & grandpas…

    • momo says:

      that’s hilariously true…

      chris crocker makes it so hard for those who don’t wanna hate him.

      having followed him and watched his videos since that ‘leave britney alone’ mess I feel that this guy is a hypocritical, pseudo-critical immature asshole, who surrounds himself with hopeless redneck morons who pose no threat to his overblown ego.

      he lives in a bubble of self-indulgence, surrounded by mediocrity- saying he’s a has-been is just being nice to him- he’s a curiosity, a delusional cocky twat.

      • gothicgamer0990 says:

        @momo yeah whatever you say punk. you know nothing about me so shut the fuck up before i ram my 14 inch dildo up your boy pussy

        peace you stupid mother fucker

  6. yomomma says:

    at top of the charts? he debuted at #49 !! and left the charts in less then a week. He cant sing to much auto tune Johnnyboyxo IS WAY BETTER.

  7. yomomma says:

    & since his fame has went away, hes turning to porn to get it back not lying check it out. ! Hes fake lame retarded cant sing he cant act did u see him at tosh.20 ?! BOO!

  8. yodaddybitch says:

    Haters are gonna hate, but Chris keeps people without the support of the media, and does a damn good job.

    • gothicgamer0990 says:

      yup chris still has my fanship to him…….i been a fan of his for like a year i follow him on twitter an subbed to his facebook and am subbed to his channel on youtube

  9. yomomma says:

    What is he talking aout?! i post my vids on facebook and the views do count..

  10. Role says:

    He is just another wanna-be lady gaga or jeffree star…
    I don’t know who even buys his songs…His lyrics are fine,but the music and the voice ruin the song….

  11. oddy says:

    larger than life ,, love it

  12. patchoulicloud27 says:

    @luka – Just curious – If you dislike Chris Crocker why are you on this page? Did you stumble upon it?

  13. gothicgamer0990 says:

    @momo yeah whatever you say punk. you know nothing about me so shut the fuck up before i ram my 14 inch dildo up your boy pussy

  14. Edgyguy says:

    Wat a minute wait a minute! Imma let you finish, the boy deserves credit for taking what he created on YouTube and expanding his brand into a cottage industry, love him or hate him gotta say good job!

  15. Yerface says:

    Chris only had one song that debuted at all on the top 100 ” mind in the gutter” the other 2 never showed up and were major fails . So fest of Fun you have no idea what you are talking about

  16. Loved the show! Who knew? Chris Crocker comes across as a quite interesting, very articulate person! I didn’t know about his music and really enjoyed hearing some of the mixes on YouTube, especially this one:

    Leave Britney Alone – TRANCE REMIX!

    Thanks for this episode of the always fascinating Feast of Fun!!!

  17. Ah finally, here’s the link to Chris Crocker’s music channel on YouTube!

  18. Chickengirl says:

    After listening to your first interview of him and wanting to slap Fausto across the face for comparing him to Leonardo Da Vinci’s work, I thought maybe he would have changed and become a better person, but from listening to this interview, I don’t think he has changed much at all, besides his look, yeah he looks more manly and not so much a twink, but his personality still seems lousy.

    I mean really, what’s so great about this guy? I really don’t think there is anything special about him, he just seems like you average bitchy lil gay kid with an overblown ego, but because he got so popular over his Leave Britney Alone video, he is now a super star, from listening to samples of his music, he is completely untalented. He talks about all his ex-boyfriends being superficial? bitch please, he comes off as being just the same.

    but hey, I have to agree with some of the other commenters, you have to give him credit for milking his popularity to make shitty music and get on TV. If his video had never become viral he’d probably be wasting away at his grandma’s house, like a total loser; now he’s a loser living at his grandma’s place, but is making a career from his super stardom. good for him.

    As for what I think he should do with his future? do everyone a favor and disappear into obscurity. Yeah that’s a cruel thing to say but really :[ Chris Crocker dosen’t deserve the attention he gets.

  19. joey says:

    I love whoever asked the Selena Quintanilla question, aw!

  20. Daniel says:

    God bless Selena, Britney Spears and Chris Crocker.

  21. webby686 says:

    damn, all you haters are just jealous! at least he is doing SOMETHING! and he is only 22! he seemed pretty genuine in the interview. best of luck!

  22. Polo Drew says:

    I have to agree with Webby. Why so much h8. I mean if you don’t like Chris’ work, it’s cool to critique the work. But really what’s behind the need to shred him personally. Chris is trying to make art and following his passion. If you don’t like it, turn off the show. For those of you that feel you must personally attack someone in your community, I really suggest you seek help. It cries out that you are suffering from internalized homophobia and real pain. Please get help so you can turn this passion and energy towards a creative, positive outlet. The world will be enriched, as will your life.

    And for those of you that post h8ful comments, at least have the balls to post your picture and name. It’s cowardly to hide your h8 comments behind the anonymity of the Internet.


  23. Emiliya says:

    Blah blah
    Chris is a person with a lot of personal issues. It doesn’t mean he’s evil or he’s being a hypocrite! When a person is going through a lot he might lose his temper, say things he didn’t mean, be cruel. Of course, normal people from normal families who had never had a real problem can’t understand it. Nor do imbeciles. Yeah, intelligent people are complicated and you have to be intelligent too to understand them. Or to understand what you can’t understand and not be nosy or judgy about it. The fact that nobody knows it doesn’t mean we’re not being the worse version of ourselves sometimes. Until we’re so busy interfering with other people’s business we aren’t being ourselves, we’re just haters. And being a hater isn’t an attitude.


    He’s a nice guy and he needs support, that’s why he makes all those videos. What he’s trying to do is really hard and he couldn’t make it without you. I like him but I’m mostly an observer and those of you who call themselves his fans should show that support instead of talking shit and acting “very disappointed” like you have never disappointed anyone… but they forgive you, right? They support you! They believe you can be better. Being different is difficult. Being him is even more difficult.

    And if i could quote him (a little bit :P): For Christ’s sake, leave Chris alone.
    kisses from Sofia, Bulgaria

    Take care of yourself, Chris! Wish you all the best! ;))

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