FOF #1251 – Lady Gaga Yard Sale

Sep 13, 2010 · 1985 views

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Today we’re taking you behind the scenes of our yard sale- the cute Mexican kids we dressed up in drag, our kooky neighbors and the hot guys who sifted through our stuff.

Also on today’s show- Ian Benardo, the eccentric former contestant on American Idol who famously sang “Gloria” out of tune, is suing Idol for $100 million.


  1. webby686 says:

    the $100 million figure makes it clear that this guy is being disingenuous. he is also very annoying.

  2. Jason says:

    I’m sorry I missed David Charpentier dressed up in cat costumes!

  3. ThatOneGuy says:

    webby im with you on that! i was close to fowarding past the interview…guy drove me batty

  4. ogabaga says:

    Ian Benardo Is a Media Whore….but I TOTALLY believe everything he said here.

  5. Daniel says:

    Wish I lived in Chicago!

  6. Curtis says:

    I hate to say it, but Ian Bernardo deserved to be treated with a little bit more more respect than he received on the show. He’s a major, off the charts weirdo yes, but I kind of felt you treated him like he is a liar, rather than letting him just tell the story (which it was clear you didn’t understand in advance) and then draw conclusions and ask follow up questions. It seems like you gave professional deference and a benefit of the doubt to Dane Cook and his management, but not to Ian.

    The moment that bothered me most and made me feel like I needed to comment was when you asked him “why didn’t you confront the agent “I must say that it was like asking any victim of an attack why they didn’t attack back. The implication in that question is basically “If you didn’t fight back then, why should I believe this happened”. When you’re attacked like that sometimes you have the bitchy queen balls of steel to confront an attacker, but more often than not you are taken aback and shocked and you can’t respond. I’ve been there. You think of the retorts later.

    Is his suit asking for a disproportionate amount of money – probably, but is there a real possibility that there is something to his story? I would guess that yes there is.

    It took me 2 seconds to search “Dane Cook American Idol” and literally the first search result was about the incident including his twitter rants, which did include the “American Idol would b American Beatdown” tweet that Ian mentioned.

    I will give you that you kind of got there a bit with you’re “I’m sorry you were treated that way”, but only after putting HIM on the defensive for 10 minutes.

  7. ogabaga says:

    totally agree with Curtis. Ian Benardo was seriously attacked by you guys and it was unfair how he was treated on your show. Im disappointed in you guys.

  8. Don’t kill the messenger. Ian hasn’t always been forthcoming with who he was in the past, and I’m weary to trust anything he or Fox television says. You lay down with dogs and you catch fleas.

    Ian was a victim of Dane Cook’s homophobia and probably manipulative TV producers. Thankfully nobody was physically assaulted. We gave him a platform to talk about his lawsuit and obviously because his allegations are very serious, we had to scrutinize them. Are you seriously thinking we should take anyone wholesale on their word, especially someone who’se known for being deceitful on so called “reality” TV?

    Even Ian admits he wasn’t honest with us about his role on American Idol in the past!

    Let the courts decide. I think we were very compassionate to his pain and suffering and appreciative for his quirkiness. We want nothing but the best for all the people involved.

    It’s terrible when anyone suffers from discrimination, and we hope the matter is settled in a just way.

  9. dennisRo says:

    Ian Benardo never lied to any of you. He is an actor. He wasn’t “deceitful” in any way. He DOES have a CD out called Gloria and Better than You which he laughed about saying is “terrible”. He was charming throughout the interview and you the hosts came across as angry and nasty for no reason. Ian deserved better IMHO

  10. dennisRo says:

    you also werent professional in that you did NO research regarding his case. You would make statements and he would have to correct you throughout the whole interview. You didnt even know it took place 3 months as opposed to 3 years ago. Shame on you

    • No, I didn’t do any research on it, that’s true, other than a quick phone call from Ian telling me he was dissed by the producers of AI. I wanted to keep it fresh- my mistake.

      We had a very long conversation with Ian after the we taped the interview and I can guarantee you that there are no hard feelings between us.

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