FOF #1254 – Guys Gone Oscar Wilde

Sep 16, 2010 · 1985 views

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We’re joined by graphic novelist Jon Macy- he’s got a powerful new graphic novel “Teleny and Camille” an erotic love story between a celebrated musical genius and an aristocratic young man.

Join us as we take a look at the roots of modern gay culture in Victorian England, one guy one jar, and the complicated man that was Oscar Wilde.


  1. Barrett says:

    Okay… I get that you guys love Gaga and the SEO process is important and I don’t want to troll (and I suppose I am “taking time out of my busy day” to comment), but it’s starting to drive me nuts! Seriously comparing Oscar Wilde to Lady Gaga? The last few weeks have been obnoxiously Gaga-centric and her own nonsensical rhetoric, gay-pandering, and terrible music aside, I think the Wilde-Gaga thing is a pretty perfect example of what people find annoying about Gaga fandom. There are SO many other things to talk about and I’ve always appreciated FoF for the humor and chance to hear about the lesser known cultural gems out there, not the pop star no one shuts up about.

    • Barrett says:

      PS – I did really enjoy hearing about Jon Macy’s work. I love works that play with public domain properties and his sounds really interesting.

    • LOL, you’re not a troll if you can back it up.

      It’s true though, that’s exactly how people thought about Wilde during his time. He was, like Gaga, the most celebrated artist of his day, until the buggery charges.

      What will Gaga be charged with?

  2. Chickengirl says:

    I am addicted to yaoi, Japanese gay porn in comic form, but I also enjoy gay-themed graphic novels/comics created by American men too, American women do it too, but most of the time they just draw it in the anime style…I would like to get his book but its $30..which is kind of a lot for a graphic novel, me being such a stingy person with money….and I know since it was an independent publishing and all that its gonna cost more..arrgh…. >_<

    but as an artist and enjoying learning about gay happenings in past history I appreciate what Macy has done here..I say more artists like him need to illustrate moments/people in gay history…with all the tabooness its really sexy….if I was more confident in my drawing skills and had the time and patience…I'd make my own gay-themed graphic novel..about the Third Reich..and Nazis having hot mansex with each other.

    • Zan says:

      Hey CG…

      Agreed, it is definitely a pretty steep price for a graphic novel. Unfortunately, with such a specialized audience, we can’t really rely on huge volume sales that would bring costs down.

      But it’s a mammoth book—240 pages long—and took Jon years to complete, and we spent a lot of time on postproduction, trying to make it a really gorgeous book that we hope you’ll be proud to have on your shelf.

      You can read part of the book absolutely free! You can read the whole first chapter (of six) online. Click the “PREVIEW” link…

  3. Jon Macy says:

    Thank you Marc and Fausto for giving me a chance to talk about my work and the exquisite opportunity to be on Feast of Fun. You two rock!

  4. Andy says:

    I loved the show, it was interesting to learn more about the Victorian area and the gay way of living in the past. I would definitely buy the book if it was available here.

    Maybe you can make more shows about different period of times and how life was for gays during that time. I can remember when I was in Gymnasium (high school) my Latin teacher once taught us half an hour about homosexuality in ancient Rome. I was really fascinated. They were so open about it till the Christianity came up.
    During my Japanese studies I also read about how homosexuality in ancient Japan. It was also quite interesting and one can understand why gay love (not sex) or gay couple are still not accepted in the Japanese society although Japan is a modern post-industrial country like the US or EU.

    I laughed when Fausto told the story about the museum in Berlin. Many may don’t know this but the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), East Germany was more open minded about sex than West Germany in the past. From my experience even today East Germans have a better sex life. ^^Even though the regime was tough they did not only tolerate FKK, nude beaches they even promoted it. About 80% of East Germans had experience with FKK and being nude during the holidays at the beach was normal. People who refused it were considered outsiders. As this year Germany will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the unification on October 3rd there a lot of documentations, articles which reflect the unification, what mistakes were made and which decisions lead to the success. One of the serious mistakes was the arrogance of the West and a feeling of superiority. Not economically but socially East Germany was much more progressive from a liberal point of view.

    More about FKK in East Germany:

  5. Winford Hoerner says:

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