FOF #1266 – It Gets Wetter

Oct 7, 2010 · 1985 views

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Nothing but good can come out of the overwhelming public response to the horrific teen suicides that have been in the news lately- an estimated 1600 teenagers kill themselves every year over abuse they’ve received from being or being perceived as queer.

On today’s show we’d like to add to the conservation and draw attention to things we love, that excite us and get us out of bed in the morning- It Gets Wetter.


  1. seawall says:

    F#$%ing Exodus International and NARTH and all their crap! That’s one reason I like living in New Zealand now–while there is a branch here attempting “reparative therapy”, they were DENIED charitable status because NZ recognizes that being gay is not a mental illness, and trying to “cure” it actually causes harm.

  2. Tony C says:

    RE: accuracy of Social Network & NDA

    I know the Movie is based on a book, but the book was based on the transcripts of the two court cases.


  3. webby686 says:

    im over these ‘it get’s better’ videos. although i am sure the intention is good, i agree with what fausto said, that some make me cringe. i don’t really care what neil patrick harris, zachary quinto or lance bass have to say on this- it’s easy to say things get better with their millions of dollars! what is the message here really? put up with the bullshit when you are a teenager because eventually you can get out of your small town high school? we really need to take on the bullies and the crazy institutions and churches that do the hating- not hear everyone’s sob stories about how bad it was growing up. teach kids to cut a bitch! and to be honest, i am not really sure if these videos are reaching their intended audience or whether or not they are received. personally i don’t think this would have helped me as a teenager because i had not yet self-identified as gay. Though if this is starting a conversation among adults, it’s still a conversation worth having.

  4. seawall says:

    And to answer what y’all asked in the podcast:

    An unusual health food I like is unsweetened cranberry juice. One cup in the morning, SO bitter and sour that everything else you eat that day tastes sweet by comparison, but heaps of vitamin C and proof against UTIs! Easily found at Whole Foods in the US, but overseas it’s more expensive so I only buy it once a month.

  5. Let’s not forget Condeleeza Rice.

    I’m sure she’s tickling more than “the ivories.”

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