FOF #1267 – The Many Lives of Tracy Tyler

Oct 8, 2010 · 1985 views

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Our tranny gal-pal Tracy Tyler genuinely believes she’s had many past lives. She was once an actor in Shakespeare’s theater company, later a singer at a piano bar in a New Orleans brothel and then a cigarette girl at a swanky club in the 1940s.

Join us as we examine some of Tracy’s past lives and discuss all the hot news.


  1. Avatar Chickengirl says:

    another great show with Tracy!!! 🙂

  2. Avatar DanC says:

    I was Tracy Tyler in a past life.

  3. Avatar Tim says:

    i like how no one is ever a serf in a past life.

  4. Avatar Joe Benson says:

    What a pleasant surprise to be away for two weeks (out of town) and to come back and have Tracy back on my ipod. Made coming back to work easier.

  5. Avatar Me says:

    Yeah, I really disagreed with the coming back from a past life stuff she was talking about. It seems like she was of Western European descent in each of her past lives. How come someone never comes back as someone from the Middle East, or African or Mayan, or Southeast Asian. With the exception of coming back as Cleopatra everyone always comes back as an Eastern European. What I really disagreed with, however, was working with a spirit guide to determine your life story in advance. That seemed to say in advance that you’re choosing to come back as gay or transgendered, etc., and sends a message to the homophobes that being gay is both a lifestyle and a choice.

    Now here’s a real question. When you’re reincarnated as another life form is it always as a human form? We’re people ever a jellyfish or a prairie dog or a grasshopper in a previous life?

  6. Avatar Tracy Tyler says:

    Hi “Me” — sweetie , there’s a really good book by Sylvia Browne titled “The Other Side and Back” — you should read it if you have questions about reincarnation. I believe it to be the truth. She explains everything in very common sense language . It changed my life for the better as I used to live as a wounded victim. Now I see life as a learning lesson and I love life! (HUGS)

  7. Avatar Me says:

    Thanks Tracy.


  8. Avatar Andy says:

    Wonderful show with Tracy. 🙂 I want to find out who I was in my past life.

    I think it is good and inspiring that celebrities also take part at the “It gets better” campaign and post videos. They may do it to be more popular but they also attract the mainstream media’s attention. And if we mostly focus on and talk about the videos of celebrities and not about the videos of random guys it is our fault.
    Brent is wrong, first you need to create awareness for a certain problem then you can take further action. With guys like him who only criticize but don’t offer a real alternative it only gets worse.

  9. Avatar brian says:

    Hey Marc, Faustiño y Tracy, This was an excellent Podcast. My bf and I laughed our heads off and it was really great to hear Tracy’s take on bullying. Thanks for the honesty and openness. Well done.


    PS, I might be a version of Tracy in a future past-life!!! Fingers crossed!

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