FOF #1277 – My Mom’s Message to Parents of Gay Teens

Oct 22, 2010 · 1985 views

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On today’s show my mom, Patricia Fernós joins us to take a look at the powerful movement to bring comfort and support to young LGBT people everywhere, and what parents can for their children when they do come out.

Listen as Fausto’s mom tells embarassing stories on how she knew Fausto was gay and how she bought a book to try to cure him with dubious results.


  1. Rogerio says:

    Fausto, your mother is adorable!!! I loved this show ! Tell her to come more often!!!!

  2. patricia.fernos says:

    I just wanted to comment that all teens go through separation anxiety from their parents, not just GLBTs, as we know. Being physically smaller, children are awed by their parents and tend to think of them as being way too powerful than they really are. This attitude sometimes flows into thinking they are ‘right’ about all things, and therefore children and teenagers get depressed if their personal reality doesn’t match the one projected by their parents. Part of growing up is realizing that most parents do the best they can with the information they have, understanding that they ARE human & make many mistakes. Once people can understand that, they can thereby downsize their parents’ power over them and seek other individuals to mentor them. I had to do that. My mom did the best she could, never mistreated me or anything like that, but I needed more that she could give me. Along my life I have sought – and found- others to guide and mentor me, making up for what my mom could have never provided for me.

  3. seawall says:

    Five-year-old Fausto sounds like a handful, but adorable!

    And Marc, that song is The Unicorn, written by Shel Silverstein (who also wrote Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue”), and popularized by The Irish Rovers. I used to sing that all the time in Girl Scouts!

    • Marc Felion says:

      It was the soundtrack to a cartoon I use to show in grade school as part on my Catholic confirmation. I heard it over and over for weeks, but that was a long time ago- thanks for the info.

      here’s the song, but not the cartoon

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