FOF #1285 – Tracy Tyler’s Gifts and Colors for the Holidays

Nov 9, 2010 · 1985 views

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It seems like the holiday season creeps into the stores earlier each year – before you know it, we’ll be preparing for next year’s Christmas before this one is even over. Today our trantastic gal-pal Tracy Tyler shares her gift giving ideas, what colors are hot for the holidays and the perils of tying a major celebrity to your product.


  1. Avatar Andy says:

    I love to wear Cashmere pullovers and scarfs during winter. I always buy them at the end of the winter season 50 or 70% off. I think a Cashmere scarf is a fabulous present.

    About the little boy who dressed up like Daphne. I wonder if it had been a girl who dressed up like a male character would it have gotten as much attention from the media?

  2. Avatar seawall says:

    I love cashmere, too! And I just acquired a black and silver stripey top in a clothing swap, so I feel uber-fashionable right now. 馃槈

    About the third gender recognized in Samoan culture: the word is fa’afafine (pronounced: fah-ah-fah-fee-neh), which means “in the manner of woman”, specifically a man who lives such. I asked my flatmate, who has family in Samoa, if fa’afafines were at all oppressed by the introduction of Christianity; she does not know any personally, but gets the impression that on the contrary, they seem to be accepted, valued as caretakers, and are frequently devoutly Christian themselves!

    There’s even a fa’afafine character in the animated TV series bro’Town (the New Zealand equivalent of the Simpsons or South Park), a school principal who’s probably the kindest person and least offensive portrayal of any minority in the show. Like Ned Flanders, if Ned were a big femme Samoan.

  3. Avatar Ian says:

    Fasto, dude you need to shut up and let Tracy and Mark speak. This episode was annoying with you butting in constantly. Go ahead and comment, but you need to calm down and let Tracy at least finish a sentence!

  4. Avatar Ian says:

    Crap, and I spelled your name wrong. Sorry bout that Fausto! But you still need to let your awesome guest and Mark speak.

  5. Avatar Tracy says:

    Ian — Fausto was only trying to keep the conversation moving along — I tend to get stuck on topics and over explain things to the smallest details. — Thank you Fausto for keeping me focused!!! and thanks Ian for listening!.

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