FOF #1289 – For Gay Boys

Nov 15, 2010 · 62100 views

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Can Tyler Perry bring to life one of the most important works about the black female experience? After all, he’s best known for playing Madea, which some people classify as a characature of black woman. So, does he have the depth? Believe or not, our answer is “oh yes, baby!”

Join us as we talk about our experience seeing “For Colored Girls,” plus, all the hot news.


  1. Chickengirl says:

    nominated you guys for the podcast awards again!! maybe this year you guys will win the People’s choice….I mean we alll know you will win the GLBT award again…. ;P

    and I dunno if you guys watch the Daily Show but Stewart called Cindy out on her bullshit about her flip flopping, and comedicly criticized McCain’s bullshit reasons for wanting to keep yje repeal of DADT from happening, and then the other Daily Show guys and the gay guy from Will and Grace did their own parody of the no H8 and it get’s better videos by doing a “It get’s worse” video for McCain basically talking about all the shit he’s gonna get for being a huge douche. hilarious.

    and I was kinda disappointed that Skyline was a shitty movie..I kinda had a feeling it would be, but the designs for the aliens looked cool in the trailers, so I was tempted to go and see it but now I won’t. I think we got kinda spoiled with District 9..and I have a feeling any future sci-fi/alien movies to come from Hollywood are gonna be shitty too, I mean don’t even think the next Avatar movies are gonna be any better than the first movie, Hollywood movies these days rely too much on visuals and fail on every other level, but they still make money.

  2. jackie jaeger says:

    Hi guys-
    I just listened to this, this morning and I’ve got to tell you I’m laughing out loud. Rare form!

  3. rcktman says:

    I was laughing out loud too! The Arcus Foundation’s mission had me ROARING. I mean… how crazy is that?

    I haven’t had a chance to see the video of Graeme Taylor in front of the school board yet– but hearing him speak touched me so deeply. These are the kids that you guys are reaching, and this kind of confidence is bred by people who share of themselves openly and honestly. That’s why what you, and all other LGBT bloggers, podcasters and entertainers do is so very important.

    I really, really hope you guys get both awards this time. We can’t start comparing you to Susan Lucci and that blasted Emmy. 馃檪

    BTW… need any help with the XXXMas Music show? 馃槈

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