FOF #1294 – Show Me How You Burlesque

Nov 30, 2010 · 111327 views

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Burlesque hasn’t done well in theaters, but the romp through a fantasy burlesque theater is a hit with gay men and drag queens everywhere. Join us today as we talk about Cher, Christina, hunky Cam Gigandet and Alan Cummings’ straight to DVD performance.

Also: gay rights advocate Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, talks about the ex-gay movement focusing on pre-teens, George “Carry My Luggage” Rekers and anti-gay iPhone apps.


  1. LaFierce says:

    Fausto! You do an amazing Cher vocal impression!

  2. ghost says:

    the southern poverty law centre killed me

  3. Andy says:

    I am still looking forward to the movie after your review but I guess I should not expect too much.

    I loved all the naked gun movies, Leslie Nielsen was truly a good comedian!

    He reminded me sometimes of the German comedy legend Loriot. Loriot became that popular that his popularity led to an adoption of a large number of phrases and inventions from the series’s sketches into German common knowledge and everyday speech.Among these are certainly the ‘yodel diploma’, the ‘stone louse’, but also sentences like “With that, you have something of your own!”

  4. whattasooner says:

    I actually thought the pacing in Burlesque was better than in Showgirls. We tried watching Showgirls a few months ago and it was just so….. eh. I had higher hopes for its campiness.

    But Burlesque? Loved Burlesque!

  5. seawall says:

    Hmm, Kim Kardashian stars as the reincarnation of Erzebet Bathory, the wicked countess who slew hundreds of virgins to bathe in their blood and maintain her beauty. I think we have the plot for All About Evil 2!

  6. Your Deven Green says:

    I’ve never seen Fausto and Cher in the same place at the same time – just saying 🙂

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