FOF #1295 – Lesbian in a Bridesmaid’s Dress

Dec 1, 2010 · 1985 views

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Comedian Cameron Esposito talks about hosting a burlesque show, circus life and her Nancy Drew like experience of discovering her friend’s secret sex dungeon. Cameron recently took a lipstick bullet and femmed it up for her sister’s wedding, with hilarious results.

Plus- Celebrities die digitally for AIDS, Beer for Dogs, Mountain Climbing Pumps and Rhinestone Covered Guns.


  1. I’ll make you guys chicken soup for the soul in the form of a vote =v).

  2. seawall says:

    Damn, “so poor” sex jokes are hard, yo! This is all I got:

    “My family was so poor, Dad went off his epilepsy meds so Mom could have a vibrator.”

    “We were so poor, we had to use a double dildo to make ends meet.” (Get it, huh, huh??)

    “I was so poor, I bronzed my dick, stuck it through the front door, and waited for someone to come a knockin’.”

    See it just gets ridiculous. Bronzing your dick, that’d be expensive…

  3. Barrett says:

    Cameron was (and you all were) hilarious as always. Favorite regular guest for sure. The talk about feeling like a pig in heels had me rolling.

    Will definitely put in some votes for the award. *fingers crossed*

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