FOF #1340 – Gay Robots and Trans Bionic Beauties

Mar 4, 2011 · 91278 views

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In reality most robots are just fancy machines that help build stuff, or glorified sex dolls that help us get off. But in many sci-fi books and films, robots come off as kind of gay.

Joining us today is trans bionic beauty AJ Durand who mesmerizes audiences with his androgymous, robotic character, Trandroid.


  1. Fugue says:

    but lady bunny can’t read! (i suppose if it’s ‘silent’ Metropolis re-make.) Robots in Disguise *are* cute-bleepy. : ) Maria *needs* a personality, fo sho.
    ‘doppelganger’ was figurative! i wrestled with myself to sign it as angie’s internet sister, but doppelganger works, too, given our blatant similarities. old-school cronies; she’s the visual artist, and i’m the novelist/musician. we’re both blindingly pale with funky hair and esoteric (read: brilliant) tastes.

    …a fuck-saw? i suppose the old ‘Heathers’ quote, ‘fuck me gently with a chain:saw’ takes on less of a jaded edge & more of an erotic twist. ;P i think there should be a show dedicated to 80s movies re-makes starring drag queens, too. ‘The Breakfast Club”ll be something i’d wake up to with all that sassy energy!

    hello! i am fugue. you have seen a picture of me waving my hands with head-phones on my head wide-smiling when angie & i first Skype-listened to FoF together. now, it’s become a natural occurrence. we’re considering a fan pod-cast. Feast of Fans. (we’ve already copyrighted it ;). she’s the marc and i’m the fausto. dreaded-hot enthusiasm. i’m a people person, and she’s the linear thinker all moth-to-the-flame. ;P

    (also, non-sequitur in reference to a previous topic, but i think Russell Brand would make a better Jocelyn Wildenstein than [wtf, wife? really?] Katy Perry. i wound up having a conversation with the check-out register biscuit at Silver Platters, a music store in Queen Anne/Seattle, WA [where i reside] about Russell Brand & the checker’s fear of the idea Brand’s going to lead Perry down the dark road of addiction, given Perry’s innocence. i assured him, as though i knew what i was talking about, Brand just doesn’t have the desire of wagon-falling back into that lifestyle. but, becoming Wildenstein, Brand’s already got the facial structure. he makes a beautiful drag queen, too. 😉

    there’s a photo floating around of Pete Burns performing in…i think?…Asia, where he exposed himself via skirt-parting. everyone cringes at the idea of his [why is this all coming back to Wildenstein?) lioness mug going nude on film, however on the lower left-hand corner of the stage appears to be, and i shit you not (ha!) a steamer just hanging out. given Burns’ body-language, it’s debate if whether or not he defecated onstage. (!!! ew!)

    thank you for mentioning/featuring Ladytron! i’m *thrilled* for the seventeenth reason this episode. 😀 Ladytron should cover Billy Joel. hrm.

    in conclusion, Wildenstein should create a musical as a re-make of herself surrounded by drag queens in the future. Face Side Story looms.

  2. Noble P says:

    it was great you brought back a great clip from the past including the music! loved it!

  3. Angela says:

    It brings us love, don’t let it get away! Break its legs!

  4. Barrett says:

    My favorite gay robots are the bisexual Cylons from BSG, D’Anna and Caprica 6! I’d give both of them my nuts and bolt.

    Loved the opening!

  5. Angela says:

    Oh yeah, this also needs to be posted here: live performance of Voltaire’s “Sexy Data Tango”. NSFW!

  6. mododavid says:

    Great costumes guys!

  7. Trandroid says:

    @Barrett… I’m with you! althought it’s important to point out that Cylons are Cyborgs and not robots. Because they are farmed from human tissue. #6 is sexy! Big fan of Gay Gaeta – not a toaster but a boy lover for sure! did you see the webisodes? I imagine you are as dorky as I.

  8. Andy says:

    I remembered the clip you played at the beginning of 2006, just when I started to listen. It was fantastic!

    Marc is right aboout the German church, you have to pay taxes to the govermennt when you are a member and the state gives the money to the church. I actually like the system because manny or most people leave the church in order to avoid taxes and then are also less influenced by the damn Catholic church.

  9. Chickengirl says:

    haha I love it when Fausto and Marc do their Hal 9000 and Fred impressions.. an homg, haven’t heard that Don Juan Dracula song in forever!!!

    but yeah, fun show, I do like robots a lot.

    yanno, a Daft Punk themed movie was made a while back that is about the two trying to become human in their robot world, but they fail and end up killing themselves…its actually pretty depressing, but if you go to the 8:00 mark in this video

    or here if the stupid thing doesn’t embed, there is this non-intentionally gay scene between the two, before one of them then commits suicide….:((((

    • Chickengirl says:

      arrghgjfhfdkjhfdkj srsly, I can never embed videos into comments, is there some special coding you have to use which isn’t the embed code YouTube gives you???

      • Fugue says:

        sounds like a browser/java issue!
        if it makes you feel any better, it totally embedded in my Gmail account when receiving this notification, so i could watch it from the safety of my e-mail inbox.
        …weirdly, this is the only video to embed in my e-mail account. all of the other shared/embedded things in this thread which showed up in the forum did not come embedded in my e-mail.

        it’s like you’re Gmail’s secret embedder, Chicken Girl! you have a Mission Impossibly Convenient agenda. : )

      • Angela says:

        When you click the Embed button under the video you want to share, look for the column of four ticky boxes, the bottom one says “Use old embed code”. Click that, and it should work.

      • You have to be logged in to post images, videos, etc.

    • Chickengirl says:


  10. vintage says:

    I had to watch WALLE last night!

  11. mododavid says:

    Uhh, hello! I posted this instructional video on how to use pasties on FOF a long time ago!

  12. Kaitlyn531 says:

    Ahh! The Hal 9000 and Fred thing! 😀 I remember when you guys did that the first time! I’ve been listening for so long :) I didn’t realize that was in the 300’s.. I thought I started around 400! So I guess I’ve been listening even longer than I thought 😛 I found you guys when I was in high school! I ended up leaving high school and being homeschooled, due to bullying. I really do appreciate this podcast and feel like you two are part of my own family. If only I could come to a meet-and-greet!

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