FOF #1354 – Madonna’s Malawi Disaster

Apr 4, 2011 · 1985 views

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A year ago Madonna laid the ceremonial brick for a planned girls school in the African country of Malawi- a noble mission for a nation where only 27 percent of girls attend secondary school.

Last week, it was announced the school will not be built and federal investigators are now looking into any possible fraud inside Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity and her Kabbalah center.


  1. Angela says:

    Oh yes, in Stephenie Meyer’s world, for some reason, vampire ladies are infertile but vampire guys stay potent for-ever, and one knocking up a human woman results in a hyper-fast pregnancy that last four weeks, breaks the woman’s spine with its kicks, and… well, I won’t spoil the rest. It’s been parodied on fan forums already with clips from Alien, if that gives any indication. 😉

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