FOF #1369 – Peaches Christ, Bring Me the Axe!

Apr 28, 2011 · 58974 views

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s a great time to chat with our drag queen role model, Peaches Christ, about our favorite film on motherhood- Mommie Dearest.

Join us as we talk with Peaches about our favorite films on motherhood including the unusual film Secret Ceremony with Elizabeth Taylor and the Alien movies.


  1. Kurt says:

    Can never get enough of Peaches!

  2. Angela says:

    Hilarious Peaches show, as always! And you know, guys, Kids of 88 are from Auckland. They’d probably come on FOF, Kiwis are always keen for overseas exposure cuz New Zealand is too small to really provide a big break. 🙂

    Management info here:

  3. Angela says:

    Zowie (aka Zoe Fleury) is another cute young Kiwi musico, basically our Lady Gaga. And she’ll be opening for Katy Perry on the Australia/NZ leg of her tour!

  4. Renata T. says:

    PARATUDO! Peaches here in Brazil? Please let me know when, what, how, etc! I just have to go there. And if you are around here in Florianópolis, please let me know. I will show you around. ;]


  5. Barrett says:

    Love Peaches and how she’s always got great thematic movie suggestions.

    I’ll prob celebrate Mother’s Day with Aliens while recovering from a Derby Day hangover.

  6. dinodude says:

    I just caught-up with this podcast, and know what Peaches means about vinegary film prints. I worked as a movie projectionist at an art house for many years, and had my fill of old, sour prints. Some film stock was printed on acetate in the 70s and 80s, and the acetate would break down to acetic acid over time, hence the vinegar smell. Film prints used to be printed in tri-pack, much like slide film. There would be four individual layers, with yellow, red and blue all being on separate layers (the fourth layer being a silver nitrate layer). Dye molecules are notoriously unstable, and fade quickly. The blue would bleach-out first, followed by the yellow. The resulting film would be a washed-out pink colour. Acetate prints also become brittle with age, and need frequent repair. I don’t think these film prints were ever intended to last.

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