FOF #1372 – The Kooky World of Lauren Maul

May 3, 2011 · 73818 views

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Comedian Lauren Maul, our favorite gal behind the felt puppet shows in Chicago’s hit comedy group, The Best Church of God, joins us to take a look at some of the reactions to Osama Bin Laden’s death.

Which celebrity seemed to know about the take down before the President? The biggest mindfucks, Fox news’ big fail and what exactly did they do with Bin Laden’s body, since no one wanted it?


  1. Barrett says:

    That conversation about Afghanistan made me sweat a little Marc… The U.S. helped create the mess that’s there by providing the Taliban with weapons. I see your point, but… Yowza.

    Will definitely try to catch one of Lauren’s shows at Townhall. The songs and tweets were hilarious.

    • Marc Felion says:

      I hear ya and understand where you are coming from, we’ve fucked that country up, down and sideways but that’s not to say the place was some kind of paradise pre-Soviet invasion. They’ve been practicing pederasty for centuries and I don’t know if they’ve ever had any kind of woman’s rights. And if they can’t protect children and children, it’s alawys going to be a shit hole.

      • Angela says:

        I had no idea about the pederasty and will have to look into it, but I knew that prior to falling under Taliban control Afghani women were educated and could work outside the home, in numbers roughly equal to male counterparts.

      • mododavid says:

        Women were a lot better off in Afghanistan before their Shah was deposed. Iraqi women were better off under Saddam as well. Despots though some may be (the Shah was arguably not a despot), these autocrats don’t let religion or religious leaders rule or dictate policy. Unlike in the USA, where we also would be better off without religion.

  2. Marc Felion says:

    @angela – Yes, I think I did hear that too, maybe I’m wrong about the woman there pre-Taliban.

    As for pederasty it’s been pretty well documented-

  3. mododavid says:

    What is a McMansion? Did McDonalds go into real estate? lol

    I REALLY didn’t like the Chaz is a “strong man”, but Chastity was a “big fat chick.” Chaz is a fat ass. Chastity was a fat ass. Just because Chaz added a dick doesn’t transmute his fat into muscle. I don’t even understand how someone can look at Chaz and see a “strong man.” Less awkward? Yes, because he found himself. More muscular? No chance. [I’m not fat bashing. I think we subliminally associate virility with men and fragility (therefore more likely ugliness) with women. We as a society (men and women; st8s and gays) should stop that.]

  4. mododavid says:

    One more, the liver is the only known reliably regenerateable organ. But, only a small portion can be regenerated. Also, the liver detoxifies the body via blood, so it is essential for life. The reason for two lungs is because 1) there has to be enough surface area to oxygenate all your blood at the fast rate your heart can pump it during strenuous exercise. [If someone is missing a lung, he can live, but he can’t live as a caveman did – running, hunting, etc. strenuous exercise.] Also, it has to do with a very complex balance between a necessary high air pressure needed to oxygenate blood efficiently and a necessary low air pressure needed for the body to release carbon dioxide (even more complicated.) Same with two kidneys – – lots of blood to filter. [If you only had one big kidney, it’d take up too much space, and there’d be no space for reproductive organs. Everyone’s body is essentially female until the late stages of development when the penis grows from a tiny proto-vagina. Some women even have erectile function of their clits.] Two ears = directional thing, so we know where it’s coming from. Like GPS triangulation. Two eyes = panoramic vision. You’ve discussed the difference between the two lobes of the brain several times very well. So, you’re familiar with that. Two testicles = 500 sperm per day would be hard with just one. Also, our bodies are designed primarily for reproduction, and the back-up testicle is a consequence of that. I think the rest is kinda obvious.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, about the only thing left about the human body that debunks the notion of intelligent design is that as human brains and skulls have grown larger in size, the girth of the female pelvis has not kept up, making us the only primate species to have adapted the practice of midwifery, aka the assistance of other primates to get the damn bulb-headed fetus out, ideally without killing the mother (Source: either Leonard Shlain or Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, I read their books around the same time).

      Of course, if one believes in “intelligent design” to begin with, one also probably thinks that “the Designer” means for women to suffer and die because they’re weak and wicked, so it’s all good. :p

      • mododavid says:

        I agree. Intelligent Design is shit. The only thing intelligent about human design is evolution. [Although I think we’re pretty much done with the “survival of the fittest thing”.] Either a caveman’s body functioned properly or he died and some adaptable mutant’s gene pool carried on. If there is a God, he put our development on autopilot a LONG LONG time ago. I’d suck at parenting too.

  5. Reneecamp says:

    Of course the white iphone isn’t bigger, black is slimming!

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