FOF #1373 – The Death of the 50 Foot Woman

May 4, 2011 · 96800 views

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If you thought Osama Bin Laden and Donald Trump had a bad week, try being the 50 foot woman- Yvette Vickers, 60s sex symbol, Playmate and star of the camp horror film classic ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’ was found mummified in her Beverly Hills Mansion several months after her death.

Join us as we talk about Yvette Vickers and all the hot news.


  1. Joe Fitrzyk says:

    That’s how I wanna go out.

  2. Bill says:

    FYI, the “One Million Moms” website is part of the American Family Association, which really explains everything. This can be verified by reviewing the banner on their website.

  3. Me says:

    Q: Why’d they bury Bin Laden at sea?

    A: In hopes that the Westboro Baptist Church would come picket.

  4. Barrett says:

    I didn’t comment on the episode with the obnoxious guy from Queerty last week, but you’ve been a little hard on It Gets Better lately. You all are doing great work and it’s doing good things too. You guys often mention how your show is the only thing some people feel they have. It Gets Better is probably the same for a lot of people. I appreciate the idea of actually “doing something,” but for a lot of kids that’s just not an options. If the project has helped one kid from killing or hurting themselves, that makes it worth it in my opinion.

    Also the book and site have included different takes on and criticisms of the project. Going back to that other show (with the “radical queer” who admittedly said he has a beard to pass as straight and then ragged on mainstream gays, oy vey) there wouldn’t be something to be “bitter”or make scat videos about if it wasn’t for “It Gets Better” creating a dialog in the first place. The bigger issue at this point seems to be how that dialog has been hijacked by politicians and media figures who are steering the anti-bullying discussion away from GLBTQ teens and towards kids in general, as if it’s not a queer issue when in large part it definitely is.

    Lighter note: RuPaul’s new album is great. Similar upbeat tone as Mimi’s song. You all should check it out.

    • Barrett says:

      Oh and isn’t 50Ft Woman considered fetishist classic? I heard once a long time ago the men who fantasize about going back inside of a woman’s vagina love that film. I wonder how many of those letters were dirty…

    • I’m really thrilled and happy that It Gets Better has become a LGBT rights juggernaut. I want it there, we are all better for it.

      I also love Dan Savage’s snarky, bitchy attitude and worry that it’s going to be compromised as his star rises with this phenomena.

      As someone who contemplated suicide as a teen, I know from my own experience that allowing young people to splash around in their own emotions isn’t always the best thing, especially when they are depressed or suicidal.

      It Gets Better is for adults, and it’s a wonderful thing that it’s managed to raise money for something that truly helps LGBT youth- the Trevor Project.

      It Gets Better has managed to get our politicians to draw a line in the sand and declare their fondness and support for LGBT people in videos, especially the President of the US.

      But– try talking to a parent, a school teacher or a teen. Ask them what they think of the message “sit and wait for it to get better.” Or even worse, move away from your friends, family and the world you know because some bully or some church is making things hell for you and everyone. That’s not the healthiest message young people need to hear.

      We need to listen to young people instead of telling them to wait it out.

      It Gets Better sounds like a greeting card cliche. “Babies it’s going to be all right.” Remember that catch phrase? I didn’t like it then, don’t like it now.

      It’s just one option. Another message I’d like young people to hear is: find an ally. Do one simple thing to make today better. Help someone else out. Rat out the bully. Start a Gay Straight Alliance in your school. Volunteer. Pick some flowers. Cultivate your own female best friend.

      Remember how impatient we all were as kids? Telling kids to sit and wait will just get you jeered and booed, that’s why so many of the It Gets Better crowd would never dream of setting foot inside a high school.

      It’s a political message, and not a self-help message.

      What about people who live in poor parts of cities? Basically we’re telling the youth of America “we can’t really help you, just wait it out, or move to a better neighborhood or city.”

      That sucks.

      I want action, I want to see results. Young people are remarkable and inspiring because they see things in exciting new ways.

      What really inspires me, and keeps me from committing suicide is how resilient young people are. Watching all those young teens talking about their coming out stories, that were around before It Gets Better started and will continue to be there long after the fever has passed. They are the voice of tomorrow and they inspire me tremendously. They are how it gets better.

      Just because I’d like to see more diversity of voices doesn’t disqualify It Gets Better.

      In short– I fully support It Gets Better, but it’s just one option. There are things you can do, start now. Ask for help. Do not wait!

      • Angela says:

        I agree with you, Fausto, except for whether “the It Gets Better crowd would never dream of setting foot inside a high school”. Dan Savage talked on one of his casts about how, apart from doing talks at universities like he’s been doing, he wishes he could extend that to doing talks at high schools.

        But as far as he can tell, the places that need it the most would be the places most likely to have homophobic parents and church leaders screaming and picketing and barring the doors against “the gays” trying to come in and “recruit” their kids. Heck, Texas recently passed a budget bill demanding that public colleges with student centers on “alternative” sexuality to provide equal funding for student centers to promote “traditional values”, aka the usual anti-gay pro-abstinence claptrap.

        So it’s not so much that Dan and his cohorts want kids to remain passive, it’s that trying to reach out to queer kids in any more substantive way is still too easy for hate groups to twist into accusations of predation. (Meanwhile, extremist Christian preachers keep getting nailed for cheating on their wives or masturbating in vans next to playgrounds. It’s infuriating.)

        Maybe some high schools in bigger more liberal cities would be all for It Gets Better guest talks, but for the kids in small conservative towns, viral campaigns on YouTube are probably (sadly) the best lifeline they have. Which is a shame, because for all the fresh ideas and new hope young people are capable of generating, adults are overwhelmingly the ones with the agency and the clout to turn those ideas into reality.

        So the challenge I foresee is connecting those kids who don’t have the brilliance and the gumption to make things better on their own with concerned and compassionate allies in the form of peers or mentors, in such a way that the haters and the bigots can’t succeed in defaming and discouraging. Probably something similar to It Gets Better, just less with the self-talk therapy and more with the engagement and concrete suggestions.

      • Barrett says:

        I really agree with a lot of what you’ve said and thanks for the thoughtful response. (I hope I mentioned that at BC on Thursday? My memory’s a little fuzzy.)

        I would just qualify it with IF young people are able to find an ally. My high school recently banned Amnesty International for being too liberal, the teaching staff cannot be gay and they cannot “live in sin” with their significant others, even if they’re straight. I don’t see them allowing for any sort of gay-friendly group in the near future. My public school alternative was actually worse and this was in a relatively large city.

        But I agree the potential for young people to do inspiring things should be encouraged. That is unarguably a better message to send and I hope some of that is found in the IGB campaign. I’ve always had mixed feelings with Dan telling people to leave their communities. I can see his logic because I moved away, but I also don’t know if pulling out and expecting family to stand up for gay people is an effective strategy either.

        I think IGB has just suffered from slacktivism and issues of semantics. If it had been phrased as “You Get Stronger” the messaging would probably be more proactive sounding. But I do find value in a message of comfort just because that’s what helped me when I found it in a book by Peter Gomes. And then also later in friends who I finally found just before turning 18.

  5. Derek says:

    What a way to go. I’m surprised that it would take a neighbor (why not the mail carrier??) that many months to notice the homeowner hasn’t picked up their mail and check up on them! She probably had her bills on auto-pay as well . . . I’m assuming that’s how that heater managed to stay going for that amount of time. Yikes!

    On another note, the bit about guys still living with their ex . . . I dated a guy in that situation once. Going to his apartment for the first time and seeing an air mattress on the living room floor should have sent me running but I was young, stupid and had to learn why his bf was now an ex-bf the hard way. That’s certainly not the case with everyone living with their ex but in this case it was.

    I think if my partner and I were to ever split . . . Yeah our house is big enough to give the two of us our separate living spaces but I wouldn’t care. I’d do what I had to do to get out on my own even to an ultra tiny apartment if I had to. That’s just me.

    Finally, I have to say the song Party Girl is actually a pretty good dance anthem and an awesome single. There’s a video to go with it too. (below) I’m impressed that they got it all in one take on a moving subway car.

  6. Derek says:

    Oh the video goes above . . . 🙂

  7. Renata T. says:

    OMG! I can’t believe that you talked about Xuxa. Being a born and rased brazilian I was practically raised by her, singing her songs and I did have a birthday party that I DRESSED like her. No way, no how I’m posting this pics. hehehehe

    She has a boring sunday morning show now but she did manage to have a daughter with one of the hottest guys ever

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