FOF #1376 – Looking for a New Love Baby

May 9, 2011 · 43277 views

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Man-hungry Tracy Tyler has satiated her appetite. As a trans woman, Tracy’s now looking for deeper relationships and new way to connect to other men and the world around her.

Could it be possible that Tracy has really limited her appetite to just one or maybe three men?


  1. Barrett says:

    Always great to hear Tracy on the show and great seeing you all on Thursday! Sorry again for my friend getting a little saucy. I’m still planning on taking a trip to Austin as soon as I can afford it.

  2. Andy says:

    Finally another show with Tracy, love it! Good to hear she is doing fine!

    Poor Australian guy, if I had package of eggs with me and I met Justin Bieber I would defintly throw a couple of eggs at him.

  3. Renata T. says:

    I love every show with Tracy! She’s such a sweet heart! <3 Tracy, I feel that you are a woman. And I was born and raised as one. hehehehe. And who needs periods and pregnancies? You are what you feel like and work to be.


  4. Angela says:

    On behalf of my fellow bisexuals, I say Tracy is welcome in our camp! We need more of the good kind of crazy (Lady Gaga, Mika, etc) and less of the bad crazy (Lindsay Lohan, Anne Heche, etc).

    Fausto, you don’t have to do porn, but how about a FOF beefcake calendar for 2012? 馃榾

  5. mododavid says:

    Tracy’s right. If you get no work done, you’re not a transsexual. You are just a transvestite.

  6. mododavid says:

    ROFL!!! “Mature muscle model”!!! LOL

  7. Fabs says:

    Thank you guys so much for this show! I loved being able to listen to Tracy again and hearing that she is up and well. I would have loved to way in on the bisexuality topic right away. You had a lot of good points there, but as a bisexual man living like that for almost ten years now, I think there are more sites to the story. E.g. the problem that every serious partnership with someone (man or woman) can make your environment question your sexuality time after time after time after time. I guess that is why some people think of it as a phase, as at some point if you’re lucky, you are gonna end up with just one person and therefore one “concept” of relationship -gay or straight- in the end. I just got out of a four year relationship with a women and found myself being questioned a couple of times wether I’m straight or pretending or just in a transitional phase so to speak. Just like now, that I enjoy my bisexuality to the fullest I get comments like “you’ve turned so gay” or “you’re turning into a whole new person” over the the last weeks. None of these comments can cover the truth. And I am not judging on the people who make them here, it is just another example, I think, of how difficult it is to understand bisexuality when you are mostly turned on by one gender. Vice versa I think getting accepted for who you are is quite difficult for a bisexual person as well. Not even mentioning finding a partner, because at first there is always the doubt in your partners mind, wether you will be missing the other gender after a certain amount of time, making a true commitment even harder for them, I think.
    OK, I think I got all my thoughts out so far. I would love to give everyone who’s interested a deeper insight into the matter, so just hit me up if you have questions. And if you guys, Marc and Fausto, want someone to talk about this stuff on your show, I’d be delighted to.
    I love your show since I started listening in 2005 and so far never missed an episode. I hope you can raise the amount of money you need until the end of the month – I already gave a small donation myself, might be able to raise a bit next week.
    Love you guys, love Tracy and the other regulars! Keep up the good work!
    Fabs from Cologne, Germany

  8. Tracy Tyler says:

    Yes i agree Angela — well said!!! — I’m guilty of judging by sterostypes — I always tend to assume that if your bi you should be masculine if you’re a man ???? that’s really isn’t the reality —-

    Thanks everyone for listening and for all the sweet comments , I love you guys — Feast of Fun has the BEST listeners!!!

  9. Andy says:

    Talking about transsexuals, beautiful and famous Diana International who won the Eurovision in UK 1998 with her song “Diva” (, the song starts at 1:14) takes part again at the Eurovision in Germany this year.

    Today is the first semi finale, on Thursday the second semi finale and on Saturday, May 14th the big finale. You can watch it live at:

  10. th! says:

    I think Tracy is one of my favorite guests! Love her sense of humor and stories.. Thanks for sharing Tracy!

  11. John Doe says:

    Tracy tells it like it is! (I’m FTM and completely agree with “stepping up” comments!)

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