FOF #1380 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

May 13, 2011 · 1985 views

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CNN anchor-stud Anderson Cooper is rumored to officially and finally come out of the closet as a gay man, as soon as next week just in time for Pride — with a series of interviews with over a dozen major celebrities doing the same thing.

Don’t hold your breath, but it could be a very hot week on CNN. What will the mass exodus of celebrities coming out mean for you and me?


  1. Come On! says:

    Hate to be your ball buster but AC coming out probably won’t ever happen. Besides, he doesn’t need to hire a PR guy like Bragman, he has his own team of PR guys. He needs no help getting on TV or getting booked for interviews.

    Why would CNN be having a whole set of celebrities coming out also? I have no clue where that came from since it isn’t on Page 6 but that seems to very much be a huge lie.

    No where on Page 6 does it say Anderson’s name. Bragman was the same guy who helped that country singer Wright come out last year. That was supposed to be AC coming out also, was it not? Or so the rumors went. We see how that turned out. This will be the same. It will be some no name we haven’t heard of before, I am sure.

    Sorry, to have to burst your bubble.

    • Good insight- but in news and journalism, expect the unexpected. It wasn’t page 6 that started speculating on AC, but other gossip blogs and forums, as well as private messages from our listeners.

      Same goes for Aaron Schock, I’m not sure if he’s still crusing those gyms if his profile has risen as it has. But it wouldn’t hurt to check out the Ballys on Clark street in Chicago, for a certain hunky openly gay Alderman who works out there!

  2. Matt says:

    Agreed. The people who hire Bragman are small fish who hope to net themselves more fame by coming out. He creates mystery campaigns for them, since they are so unknown there would be no public interest or notice for their coming out otherwise.

    Anderson has his own people, he can get booked on big talk shows whenever he wants, and he sure doesn’t need a mystery campaign to get people to notice if he comes out.

    Try guessing someone who is MUCH smaller.

  3. TYY says:

    You know, guys, Anderson is far from the only LGBT TV personality who hasn’t announced their sexuality yet. There are lots of other possibilities just in TV news. It could be Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Sam Champion or David Muir. Could be one of the gays on FOX like Shep Smith, although I can’t picture FOX letting one of their hosts come out then do a week of interviews with other gays. It could be one of the number on CNN or HLN, like Don Lemon who has new autobiography coming out that is being promoted as revealing a lot about him personally as well as professionally.

    • Shep Smith is already out, so it wouldn’t be news. I think you might be spot on with Robin Roberts, Sam Champion or David Muir. Yum!

      So many sexy newscasters! I think I’m developing a fetish of some kind. But I’m still waiting for Thomas Roberts to come knocking on my door. 😉

      • TYY says:

        No, Shepard Smith isn’t out. He has never publicly stated he is gay. In fact, when he was asked about his personal life when he was interviewed by Playboy Magazine he misdirected them by mentioning that he was divorced from a woman in the past and then Shepard announced everything else is private. Shep was just included in the Out Magazine power list, but it was as one of the people the magazine staff know to be gay who hasn’t come out like Anderson, Matt Drudge and Barry Diller.

      • I could have sworn I thought he had come out… lemme google that.

  4. Tim says:

    Yes, Lady Gaga totally sounds like an art student: once they get their hands on some meaningless buzz words you can’t stop them. No one can bullshit better than art students. She forgot to use “phenomenological,” “mimetic,” and “juxtapose.”

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