FOF #1398 – Inside the Olympic Village with Gay Skater Blake Skjellerup

Jun 17, 2011 · 1985 views

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Although nothing can compare to the thrill of going for the gold at the Winter Olympics, for speed skater Blake Skjellerup fighting for equality in his native New Zealand really gets him going. Listen as we talk with Blake about his intense training, getting on the box of Fruity Cheerios, who has the best ass in sports, and being the only gay in the Olympic Village.


  1. Can we tag this under Hunks? Yum. I don’t care if “ice” comes before “ass”, I don’t skate and discriminate.

  2. Marc Naimark says:

    Correction! Winners of medals at the Gay Games do not have to pay for them. In fact, every participant in a sport of cultural event earns a participation medal (OK, included in their registration fee), and winners of competition medals are of course not required to pay for them. This has been the case for every Gay Games I’m aware of, including the one you’re most familiar with, Gay Games VII in Chicago.

    • From my involvement in the Gay Games in NYC back in 1994, all the athletes were complaining that they had to buy their own medals. Happy to hear that’s changed though, I always thought it was weird to ask these exhausted people to pay on top of their entry fees.

  3. javierjl says:

    OMG, Blake is so sweet, charming…and super cute. Was mesmerized by the accent. Substance and beauty: LIKE! Will certainly be following him — and looking for the FOF butt advertising — in the next Olympics.

  4. Angela says:

    Ohh, that’s what I forgot, a Te Reo Maori pronunciation guide. 😉 Sorry, I’ve gotten so used to saying Ow-tay-rro-ah I forgot it’s hard to learn. Heheheh…

    On Brian Tamaki’s church receiving funding from the government (as explained by my friend Kay who knows this crap): The government provides funding to NGOs to carry out on a contract basis programs for targeted groups. Destiny was successful in its application as an NGO to run employment related programs for young unemployed people to give them appropriate work skills. Lots of NGOs get some funding and are then assessed on the success or otherwise of the program for any future funds. The young people that got Destiny Church training probably benefited from work training but we don’t know if they were also recruited into the Church or already part of their congregation. Heaps of NGOs offer work training, most of them without religious or homophobic overtones. Destiny Church sometimes tries to get more power through links with other “like-minded” NGOs too. Brian’s wife Pastor Hannah Tamaki is trying to get elected as President of the Maori Women’s Welfare League. If she succeeds she’ll get a chance to take over more programs.

    • Forgive me Angela- so would Tamaki getting elected be a good thing for LGBT folks in New Zeland?

      • Angela says:

        If you mean Mrs. Tamaki in her current pursuit, mostly it would affect Maori families, who are already at higher risk of poverty, child abuse and drug abuse. It might help them get on to some extent, but at the cost of being spoon-fed restrictive heteronormative conservative Christian values.

        Brian Tamaki had a political party from 2003 to 2007(?) but didn’t get anywhere near the percent needed to enter Parliament. He boasted that Destiny would “rule” New Zealand by 2008, which hasn’t happened and never will, because he also tries to prop up misogyny with the Bible as well as homophobia, and New Zealand women won’t put up with that, having had the vote for longer than any other developed country.

  5. Barrett says:

    Definitely going to be taking Fausto’s advice on the lunges. My back and ass could use the work.

    Hope Blake gets a gold and an endorsement.

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