FOF #1402 – Rainbow Pride Explosion

Jun 23, 2011 · 1985 views

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All across the country, Pride is in full swing with events celebrating LGBT folks and the 1969 Stonewall riots that galvanized the modern gay rights movement.

Although Pride Parades have their roots in political action, today they have become a wildly colorful hootenanny, a delicious rainbow colored version of Mardi-Gras. Some think it’s tragic, we think it’s fabulous!


  1. Angela says:

    LOL! T. and I still hang out, mostly at yoga or the gay pub. The great thing about New Zealand is that even the capital city is a small enough village that you don’t need to make plans to see people, you just run into them randomly at cafes or whatever. 🙂

    For one of the milestones, why don’t you film someone (or several someones) sitting on cakes? New listeners probably have no idea about FOF’s history of cake-sitting!

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks for your warm words! I also hope we can meet in person in the near future and have a fabulous and fun time together.

    I am confident that we, the FOF community, can collect enough money. Even if it means that some of us have to work the corner. 😉

    Wish you have wonderful and hot pride parade with lots of delicious guys. Looks like this weekend is the ultimate pride weekend, pride in New York, Chicago, Berlin and Paris.

  3. Andy says:

    By the way Lady Gaga takes probably part at Berlin pride on June 25th. Berlin pride parade is second largest in Germany with about 45 trucks, the larget one is Cologne with about 90 trucks. She even has her own truck but will not be on the truck. According to the news the truck will be about 14 meters (about 46 foot) long and will be painted in the style of “Born this way”. If you want be on the truck you have to pay €30 ($43), including Prosecco. There is also a facebook page about the truck for more information:

  4. Faramir says:

    Tomorrow we are having the Pride Parade in Milan.
    Here in Italy Pride Parades are mostly political. There isn’t any Italian company that is willing to join our celebration and demand for equal rights… so it’s up to us LGBT people to make all the clatter.

    This year we are opening the parade with LBGT guys and girls born in 1990, the year when the WHO removed homosexuality from the list of mental diseases. We’ll have 12 trucks (not bad for a local Pride) and I’ll be on the first one!

    We have a brand new mayor in Milan (who belongs to what you’d call the Democratic party) and we organizers hope he’ll be there. No mayor in Milan has ever taken part in any Pride Parade.

    • Andy says:

      A pity that no company is willing to join the celebration. I think Fiat would be a good candidate since of some their cars are quite popular among gays. I can’t understand the German guys on some German gay websites who complain about how commercial pride parades have become. I always suggest to them to join some pride parades in Eastern Europe or Russia if they think the pride parades in central Europe are too commercial. Then they usually don’t know what to say. I think it is wonderful that large companies support the pride parades and that more straight people take part.

      Happy pride parade in Milan!

      • Faramir says:

        Hi Andy!

        FIAT is a good idea but a bad example.
        Some years ago at the Europride in Madrid FIAT produced a version of I think its “500” specifically for the parade.

        Even if FIAT is an Italian company they did it in Spain, but they do nothing in Italy.

        This is so sad…

  5. Nathaniel says:

    I was inspired by your cupcakes. They look delicious. Painting on the iPad was a far better way to feed my craving.

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