FOF #1406 – The Drunk Homeless Bag Lady of Darkness

Jul 1, 2011 · 1985 views

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Amy Winehouse’s website was hijacked Thursday morning by a group of hackers — who claim they targeted the singer because they want to “take back the internet from the white devil.”

She may have sunk pretty low but we’d hardly call her the Prince of Darkness, more like the drunk Homeless Bag-lady of Darkness.


  1. Angela says:

    Dammit, Marc! I was totally remembering being a preteen and coveting the dragons-with-crystals figurines I saw inside Cape Cod boutiques when you mentioned me. They’re too gaudy for me now, though 😉

    Also, the Samoan third-gender is pronounced “fa-fa-fee-nay”. Somehow despite Samoa being thoroughly Christianized, they didn’t get stamped out, maybe cuz they’re so valued as caretakers. I hear being an out gay Samoan man is still problematic though. Fa’afafine can date men without threatening the status quo, but male-identified men cannot.

    • mododavid says:

      To add to Fa’afafine comments: Fa’afafine are cherished, but foreign gays or transexuals going to Samoa are not cherished. I imagine they’re seen as corrupting fa’afafine.

    • mododavid says:

      Fausto, at Michael’s wedding PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I have a plan for you to speak Madea-ish. Step 1) trip someone so they fall into Marc. Step 2) Raise your voice and proclaim you are a thug. Step 3) Quote Madea, “You betta be glad you in church! JESUS JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE! Halleluyer!” That’s my favorite line, and everybody will know it! lol

      • M-David, I might have to say all this:

        Family reunions are about uniting the family, bringing together the young and old. Singing and dancing and thanking God, giving him the glory. Thanking him for getting us over.

        As we marched up the road this afternoon, what we saw were young men gambling, fighting, cussing. Women with no clothes on gyrating all over on this land. Do you see this shack? The man and woman that were born here gave birth to this generation. They were slaves. They worked this ground, but they bought it from the widow of the slave owner and that’s the kind of blood we have running though our veins. That’s the stock we are made of.

        What happened to us? What happened to US. Who are you? Do you know who you are? What happened to the pride and the dignity and the love and respect that we had for one another? Where did it go? And how, how do we get it back? I’m gonna tell you.

        Young Black men, take your place. We need you. Your sons and daughters need you. Did you understand what I just said? You were sold off and had no choice, yes but now it’s time to stay.

        Take your place. Now. Starting now. Starting now.

        Young black women, you are more than your thighs and your hips. You are beautiful, strong, powerful. I want more from you.

        Take your place.

        I want every single one of you, young man, young woman, turn to the next person standing alongside of you. Grab them and hug them and tell them that you love ’em. Tell them, ‘If you need anything, come to me.’ ‘If you need somebody to talk to, come to me.’ ‘I’ll give you the shoulder, I’ll give you the hug. I’ll feed you, I’ll clothe you if you need it.

        That’s how you start from this moment. When you leave this reunion today, you take that with you.

  2. Andy says:

    I can’t feel sorry for Aaron Carter, to give him cocain was fu**ed up but nothing wrong with some wine.
    And those 8-inch heels covered in rhinestones are perfect for Glitter Day!

    • How young were you when you had your first glass of wine? My parents let us have sips of brandy when we were kids and we loved it! (We hated the taste of beer though.)

      • Andy says:

        With 14 I started to drink sometimes a small glass of wine with my parents at dinner during the weekend. With 16 I started to drink regulary some wine as you are allowed to drink wine and beer with 16 in Germany. It was also easy to get some wine as my parents have a little wine room in the basement. With my brothers who are older than me (around 40) I had the first bad experiences with alcohol.

      • Don’t they teach beer making in German high schools?

      • Andy says:

        hmm, we learned a bit about it in school. But I am from North Germany, I guess they teach beer making in South Germany since they kinda drink beer almost like water, particular in Bavaria.
        The region where I live now ( is more about wine, like the French people drink wine quite often. Around Mannheim there are several wine areas with quality wine and a beautiful landscape. From spring to autumn friends and I travel there, visit some festivals and enjoy some good wine. We either visit the German wine areas or the French Alsace wine area. In autumn the largest wine festival in Germany takes place not far from Mannheim, kinda like Oktoberfest but with wine.

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