FOF #1411 – Bryan Safi is so Gay

Jul 12, 2011 · 1985 views

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The weekly segment “That’s Gay” is a hit on iTunes and YouTube and it’s made Bryan Safi a star on the Internet.

Today we’re jumping in the gay jacuzzi with the hilarious Bryan Safi to talk about the terrible things he had to do to launch That’s Gay, all the behind the scenes dirt and the ridiculous idea of a magical gay best friend that can fix anything.


  1. Rei says:

    This is absolutely a dream come true!
    My favourite podcasters and Bryan Safi talking to each other AND seeing my drawing on the introduction page is abosultely a treat!
    So fantastic, Thanks so much for another great show with an amazing guest =)


    The only thing I can find about Randall is that comedian Christopher Gordon “is his personal assistant”, my guess is that he clearly is behind the Randall videos…but maybe you all already knew that.

  3. mododavid says:


    • scullivor says:

      Safi has just been introduced as my screen saver. (next to Feast of funs’ Alumni Ronnie Kroell) – So So Hot. I love my new screensaver. So going to photoshop them into my stalker wedding/civil union photo albumn! lol

  4. Marcin says:

    Totally seconding what Rei said. Awesome show.

  5. Sam Kim says:

    Great podcast!

    But Fausto, I’m not from the Phillippines… lol

  6. Barrett says:

    Great interview. Funny throughout, especially the comments on Nancy Grace “serving up Steel Magnolias realness.” Too great. Will definitely be repeating it.

    Loved Safi’s interview with Karger. Definitely should send that into the Daily Show. Sorry to hear “That’s Gay” is getting canceled. I’ve only ever seen clips.

    And Safi’s got a lot of appeal for the single menz. It’s hard to find people that quick-witted, so I’d hop in that jacuzzi. haha

  7. Love you guys. That was an awesome show. Been watching That’s gay for a while and this is like my dream comes true to see you guy interviewing Bryan Safi. He is actually much sweeter and have a lot more chemistry with you guys than i expect. I thought there would be clash going on.

    • I figured Bryan is a sweetheart because he works really hard at doing his videos and is confident in his success. I think whenever we have a high profile guest who comes across as catty or insecure, it’s because they feel we are going to rat them out. “Uh oh, they are onto me.”

      That’s not what I’m about. I want to showcase awesome gay guys and show their humanity and sense of humor that may not always come out in other channels.

      Bryan rules because he’s successful at what he does and works hard at it. And even Ellen agrees with me. I bet they cried when he left the show.

    • Please go tell Rei Sato thanks again for setting this up! We’re all so busy, and it sometimes takes the gentle nudging of a power-fan like Rei to set things up. I personally feel like I made a new friend with Bryan. I hope he takes us up on our offer to make a drag video, i am sure he will be flawless as a blonde!

  8. Adam Robinson says:

    Randall 100% !

    Thanks guys for a great show. Bryan Safi is really funny and a great guest. Thanks for showing him off. (And did I say Randall 100%?).

  9. Alex says:

    Hey guys, really enjoyed the show, but on the Randall subject, I didn’t think Safi sounded like him at all. Though he might be able to modify his mannerisms and pitch, the voice itself just didn’t sound like Randall’s to me. I was actually surprised when I thought I heard another Randall commercial recently. I was only listening to it at the time and the voice and definitely the mannerisms (especially around 16s mark) sounded much more like Randall’s IMO. Turns out, it was an Expedia commercial with Tim Gunn. I think Gunn would have more of a reason not to come out as Randall since his reputations is more as a “classy fashionista” than a dirty mouthed Nat Geo narrator.
    Just my 2 cents.

  10. Great great great show! Fun, educational, refreshing! Thanks guys!

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