1. Mystic Keeper™ says:

    gurl you got this your the most favorite queens that is unique… keep it up! been doing astrology and tarot with friends on this and your guna be lingering around for a few more rounds You might just be the Winner!! just not fleah pee no hair ha

  2. Chris says:

    Sharon Needles was the guitarist’s name from the all girl hard rock band Betty Blowtorch, circa 1999.

    See Documentary Betty Blowtorch on HULU . Who came first? Love her artistic visions.

  3. Deafne says:

    Would anyone be willing to create a transcript? I’m deaf, can’t listen to the podcast.

  4. Jaycub says:

    Great show guys, sad that I missed you at sxsw this year!

  5. Andrea says:

    Is there something wrong with the audio, or is it just on my end? I really want to listen to this because I love Sharon Needles, but I can’t hear the audio. I checked to see if it was on iTunes, but it’s only 1 second long on there. It’s probably just me since other people have listened to it, but I was hoping someone might have a solution. Thanks!

  6. juan says:

    Wow Sharon, it was a real trip to get to know you better, the radio fit you so well. I know you are the queen of shock and you have great visual, but when you talk, clean and cut you are just irresistible, your mind blew me away, you are so down to earth, real and actual. You have so much to give, seems you use all the negativity of the past and turn it into something good, very good, and that is to me Godlike even if you claim Satan as your boss. Well maybe God real name is Satan and is a drag queen that nobody really understand, ha!
    Keep doing what you doing!! Your artistry is universal, you can be funny in any language or culture, can can real y make a big change. I was so tired of the typical bimbo drag with such a tunnel vision and low expectation and looking at you you bring hope to all our inner drag. I think I love you already! 🙂

  7. Paris22 says:

    Excellent interview. My friends & I got to meet her Saturday night at the local drag show in Mobile, AL! Absolutely amazing! She brought the house down! She was so pleasant & kind after the show I even got a couple pics & a hug! Words can’t describe the radiance, intelligence, & appreciation for all things different that emanates from this performer.

  8. Intelligent, well-spoken, beautiful. I am glad she has made it to the top three. One of my favorite podcasts this year. Sharon, you’re awesome!

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