FOF #1593 – Trevor Wayne’s Sexy Tattoos

May 31, 2012 · 1985 views

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Artist and model Trevor Wayne, whose picture you’ve probably seen hanging up in alternative clothing stores and tattoo parlors, or in Pink’s video “So What” joins us to talk about his fabulous tattoos and how they inspired his art.


  1. BEST SHOW! Thanks guys for another great one. Today is my only off day and I’m getting my ass waxed and then going to an extreme runway class in noho. I love Peaches idea of protesting pride is Brian Soweeeny is not the grand marshall. I am going to buy a teeshirt soon. Not sure which one….but I think you guys should ocme up with some sexy tank tops for summer. I always where one to the gym. Slap a unicorn on that shit.

  2. I looked up Trevor on tumblr, some nice photos there! ;P

    tattoo culture is so diverse, and even though people still have a lot of misconceptions about people who have tats, I think having tattoos is becoming more of the norm? I mean look at Zombie Boy, he now has a career because of his appearance.

    I guess it is a bit “unfortunate” that gay men with lots of tattoos are often perceived to be really kinky and into all sorts of crazy sexual acts, and/or a drug user.

    Trevor is such a sweetie! great show!

  3. Jamie says:

    Another GREAT show. Hot man, great artist. Pushing all my buttons.

  4. BASboy says:

    I love when I get people on my table who are covered in Tattoo’s. In fact one of my regular clients refered his roommate which also had a full suit of tattoos. My favorite is a mix of very tattoo’s that have a very distinct artisitic style. Though I must say I find it hard to massage these guys in the day since I get lost in looking at their art work (good thing I have some muscle memory for my massage routine) and if they come to me at night it is difficult to see what they have on their bodies as I do my massage in dim lighting / candle light. So I end up being dissapointed a little bit…. but if you ever want to touch a hot sexy straight guy… ask about their tattoo’s. They will strip down as they show off and they don’t seem to mind if you tend to touch their skin as you talk about that particular tattoo. (I often joke with friends about getting a tattoo on ones ass that says ‘Insert Slut A into Slut B” including arrows.

  5. Than says:

    Not my type but sexy.

    Good show.

    I like the artists you’ve been having on. It has made for interesting conversations.

  6. colaboy29 says:

    Woof! He’s quite sexy and a great interview. Thanks for another good show.

  7. So Trevor Wayne is my kind of hottie – well me and about a ga-zillion other people! Thanks for the interview!

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