FOF #1611 – In Bed with the Enemy

Jun 27, 2012 · 1985 views

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Writer and philosopher John Corvino joins us to talk about how Marriage Equality has changed over the years, what’s holding back half the country from embracing equality and what it’s like to write a book with anti-equality advocate Maggie Gallagher!


  1. Jason says:

    John Corvino is all kinds of awesome. You need to have him on the show more often!

  2. zachlamm says:

    What a great scholar, and a great guy! How have we never been at a conference together before?

  3. when Obama was all over the news with his stance on same-sex marriage, and Yahoo news reported on it, in the comments I barely saw any-anti gay slander against same-sex marriage. The overall opinion was “who cares” people were much more concerned over the troubles the country is facing with the economy, unemployment and so on. Most people saw same-sex marriage as a non-issue. I guess in a way, by thinking that gay marriage shouldn’t be an issue, you are also saying that no effort to bring same-sex marriage into law should happen.

    I know that this has been brought up before on the show, where even GLBT people don’t think gay-marriage is what should be the main focus here. Yet I think giving citizens of this country equal marriage rights would be a big step in helping with all the other issues this country is facing. I wonder how much money is wasted each year by keeping marriage rights away from GLBT people, and I’m not just talking about money wasted on donations to keep same sex-marriage from happening, but for all the couples out there who have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to try and maintain a life together due to their lack of rights, something a couple with full-marriage rights wouldn’t have to deal with.

  4. first…sooo handsome!! there. got that out of the way.

    what an AMAZING show. one of my frustrations with dialogue is the complete lack of respect for the other side. John and Maggie don’t agree but manage to have a respectful dialogue. The biggest surprise for me over the last year was learning how respectful maggie is of who we are (except that what we have isn’t marriage, good example, “i see why he is home for you”). I wish our side was equally respectful and focus on the dialogue like John.

    can’t wait to read the whole book.

  5. BASboy says:

    I actually wasn’t expecting to be much into this particular show, just thinking it might be another re-hash of Pro Gay Marriage vs Anti Gay Marriage propeganda. I can say I was most happily surprised. John Corvino is largely due to this (along with your great hosting skills). John Corvino should definitely be tapped to do other shows of awesomeness.

    Maybe it was on Feast of Fun I heard that Howard Stern & Kathy Friffin try not to get to meet on a personal level the people they ridicule due to if they got to know the person, they would find it harder to attack them. That all in all, most people we perceive as terribly unlikeable for the small sliver we get of their opinions and views, there is a whole person behind the perception and more often than not we can find a lot more we like in them than in what we hate in them. I have heard heavy Democratic person after person who had a chance to meet with George Bush were in debate as to wether to confront him on issues… and wether they did or not… they said in person he is quite charming and likable (so most didn’t confront him on the issues just based upon how their opinions changed in their interaction) So the same goes for John meeting Maggie Gallagher. Obviously they can find a lot of common ground to get to like each other.

  6. What a superb interview! I watched John Corvino debate Maggie G. at Oregon State University back in 2010. John is an excellent debater and I enjoyed hearing his take on things. Great job!

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