FOF #1615 – Deven Green’s Summer Tips and Tricks

Jul 2, 2012 · 1985 views

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Summer is finally arrived, and it’s sizzling.

Like a cool breeze, the very funny Deven Green joins us today to share her tips and tricks for making your summer truly special. What does your beach towel say about you? How to pick up hot guys and gals at the pool and of course Anderson Cooper comes out as gay! Shocking!!!


  1. Mark says:

    Anderson Cooper’s talk show was already renewed for a second season quite some time ago. The talk show is a bit awkward because he carries a reserve about him which suits news but not talk. He also tends to ask more “news style” questions to guests. I don’t see that being changed by coming out, though. What he needs is a co-host he’s comfortable with like Kelly Ripa who can relate to women and tell wife and mother type stories, ask goofy daytime questions, and bring out Anderson’s sense of humor and fun. He’s always been a good co-host when he’s filled in for Regis.

    I think he just came out because he decided it was the right time for him.

    • It’s that reserve that comes out as awkward. And why is he reserved? The closet will do that to you. Expect to see a much more dynamic and engaging Anderson, someone who is more comfortable in his own skin and able to relate to people better.

      • Mark says:

        I think he’s reserved on the talk show because he defaults to “news man” mode. He’s probably always been reserved like he says himself, and his profession has reinforced that. I don’t think that’s likely to change because he’s out – he wasn’t very in. He loosens up when he’s with someone outgoing like Ripa who he is friends with.

    • We shall see if he loosens up won’t we?

  2. Oh Deven, you are hilarious! As soon as I see your name listed on the title of the episode I get super excited. Not like a “Marc’s gonna choke me” kind of excitement but a more delightful feeling like a day at Disneyworld while on “e”. Please bring her back over and over. I would gladly pay extra for these episodes. Can’t get enough of her quick wit and clever comments. Love you guys and thanks again for making my week full of smiles and laughs. You do a body good!

  3. Thank you sweet Mark, just wait until you hear the podcast we recorded yesterday. You. Will. Die. xox

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