FOF #1649 – Cognitive Dissonance

Aug 31, 2012 · 1985 views

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More than usual, the Republican National Convention is a hot mess- they’ve picked a candidate no one’s excited about, their platform is from another century, and in his doddering speech, Clint Eastwood came off more like Dirty Diapers than Dirty Harry.

Joining us is the reliably hilarious James Fritz , who can stuff two bananas in his mouth when nobody’s looking, no homo.


  1. BASboy says:

    Just a brief note touching on your section on addiction. Based on several books that took Alcoholic Anonymous studies… only about 1 out of every 100 people who join ever get long term recovery. Of the 100 who join, only 10 of those people will still be at the meetings by the end of a year. Following further studies of people who have broken their addictions by any number of ways that are not 12-Step based… the success rate is the same as Alcoholics Anonymous. So if what you are doing now doesn’t work to break your bad habit / addiction, then try something else till you find something that works.

    (So you guys are looking to move and come to Los Angeles… we welcome you with open arms. And don’t worry if so many of your friends who moved to LA say Los Angeles people are too frentic for you. Its just a matter of water seeking it’s only level, you will attract lots of people that are more in line with your personalities)

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