FOF #1687 – Say Hello to the New Disney Princess

Nov 2, 2012 · 131072 views

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A Halloween miracle has happened- George Lucas came to his senses and sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney for a cool $4.5 billion. That’s a lot of lightsabers.

Today Professor honey bear Zach Lamm joins us to take a look at what this means for Star Wars fans now that Disney owns the franchise. Plus, does this slave girl suit make me look fat?


  1. Jake says:

    Actually, aspirin is acetylsalsalicylic acid. It comes from salicylic acid, which is found in willow bark.

    I’m 20, I know the significance of stonewall, but I don’t know that much about Tila Tequila, other than that she was dating a rich girl, who turned up dead.

  2. zachlamm says:

    Boys, I have to say: none of us has ever looked better.

  3. hajaXavier says:

    i speak english, i espeek espansh. i speak camp (gurl!). i don’t speak drag. but i’m willing to learn.

    shade and read. please use in a sentence with a standard english translation. any other words i need to know?!

    • You have to see Paris Is Burning. It is where drag language CAME from.

      • hajaXavier says:

        thanks for the trip down memory lane. i saw Paris is burning (gulp) in the theaters, original release (i’m too young to have stories that old!). i’ve only seen it once so i don’t remember the drag language lessons.

        is drag a language of two words? there’s got to be more than read and shade?!

      • Ahhh you’re looking for vodragbulary or the dragipedia! Words like fishy, shady, gurl, hunty, sashay, chanté, paragon. Someone should put a list together, or google to see if there’s a list out there.

        “Words drag queens use”

  4. I was going to put in another request for a Raven interview, although Fausto seems unimpressed with her. I’d like to think there is way more to her than we see. She is rarely interviewed so it might be interesting.
    Also, Tammie Brown is a given. As Zach said, I’d like to see you TRY.

    • Everyone wants to see their favorite queen be interviewed, but nobody has any questions they’d like to ask!

      I’m sure Raven is a lovely guy, but I haven’t read anything about him that’s very compelling. Educate me!

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