FOF #1688 – It Wasn’t So Obvious At First

Nov 5, 2012 · 62049 views

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Like looking for your lost keys, getting in shape isn’t always so obvious, but at least you know your body is always at the last place you saw it.

Today’s show is all about those essential things we’ve learned over the years about working out that weren’t so obvious at first.


  1. Tim Webster says:

    I’ve been at the gym for almost 10 years and there are definitely things I wish I would have learned earlier. Most things I learned myself through experience or reading on-line. I agree with much of what you guys have had to say. From my own experience I would like to reiterate or add:

    1) Avoid caffeine fueled supplements like Ja3ked, NOExplode, and RedLine. These can be addicting, expensive, and bad for your heart, and you quickly build a tolerance. Be wary of bodybuilding website, magazines, and pros espousing a certain product because they are likely being paid. Bodybuilding supplements are a huge racket that is unregulated by the FDA- it’s hard to think that none of what they put in there is carcinogenic. I do take a scoop of whey protein with a shake in the morning and after a workout and will add natural “super foods” like maca root powder and chia seeds.

    Think of getting your energy from the food you eat and sleep rather than caffeine or supplements. I used to feel that I needed a certain product before every workout or else I would be lethargic and unmotivated. I didn’t like feeling dependent on a supplement. Now, when I lift after work, I usually snack on some steamed veggies or an apple I had packed in the morning as I walk to the gym. Even by doing a fast-paced 10 minute run at the beginning of my workout really gets my energy level up and I can be pumped for a 90 min session. And as you guys said, I need an absolute minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

    Personally, I never really saw the effects of creatine, and have chosen not to use it. Although I have seen its effectiveness in other people, the word is you lose a lot of gains once you go off it. Seems like a money pit to me.

    2) I just added yoga twice a week to my four days of lifting. Not only is it better for flexibility, it has made me much more aware of my body when lifting weights. I have become more conscious of my form, the alignment of spine and neck, and breathing. Also, it’s great to feel it working your core in new ways. I haven’t gotten to anything really advanced in yoga and that’s not really my goal, but it’s nice to add something different to one’s routine.

    3) I want to agree with Fausto that it’s better to have less weight, go slower, and deeper rather than piling on the weight. I recommend people look at some training or bodybuilding books that have drawings of musculature so they understand which muscle groups are being worked with a particular exercise. Then, really visualize and concentrate on that area when performing the movement. Try reducing your weights to 70-80% and slowing your count with each rep (count to five), constantly thinking about form and isolating the muscles involved. Do this for a couple weeks and slowly increase the weight. You will actually be able to lift more once you get back up to your old weights and be much more efficient!

    Using bad form with too much weight is not only dangerous, it also makes you look stupid! Avoid machines- use lighter weight with free-weights in order to get proper form and work a bigger muscle group.

  2. BASboy says:

    Great show. Another reason for using Creotine is that it might help with Altzheimers. Also a good site for vegetarian body builders is
    Also there Mike Mahler who has been a vegetarian and body builder for years as is doing great as is also a link video posted of other vegan athletes and body builders.
    I’m not a vegetarian (was for 8 years, but meat bowl kept calling me.)

  3. cassiofm says:

    I totally do what Marc said about all or nothing. Sometimes I just dont work out cuz I think its not worth it going there for 20-30 minutes max. It totally is worth it. I need to fight the lazyness

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